Marble Halls & Silver Screens Ep. 78 The Political Theatrics Edition

Marble Halls & Silver Screens

On this week’s episode of Marble Halls & Silver Screens, we get into the theatrics of politics, as Sarah deconstructs the craziness of Wednesday’s sham Congressional testimony of one Special Counsel Robert Mueller:


and Brad details how AOC staged a photo-op where she was seen crying while gazing sadly out across an access road:

We also get into Harvard’s feminist catfishing mark Bruce Hay, who might actually be the most gullible man alive and how that could be a sad indicator of the state of higher education in general:

And how the new Top Gun sequel “Maverick” — for all its American might — could be playing to Communist China given the increasing relevance of that nation in all things cinema:

Finally, we discuss just exactly what it is that’s driving Netflix’s numbers down (hint: Disney’s coming to streaming).

Give us a listen!

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