Gotta Love It: Trump Takes Unusual Approach to Dem Implosion Over Biden, and It's Driving the MSM Nuts

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Donald Trump has understandably been unrelenting in his criticism of Joe Biden over the years, in part because he's a political rival and also because he appears to genuinely not like Biden. 


I mean, who could blame him?

That criticism increased tenfold, of course, as the lawfare tactics escalated, with Trump using every tool at his disposal, most notably his social media platform Truth Social, to hammer home the message about how in his view the Biden family, but Joe most notably, was crooked and corrupt.

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One criticism Trump has faced since 2016 including from some on the right is that he doesn't have a filter, and that there are times when he should perhaps lay low and let a situation play out on its own but won't.

But like a lot of public figures on the right, Trump hasn't shown a particular fondness for the "silence is golden" philosophy, in part because that's just his nature and also because he likely knows if he doesn't kick up a fuss and raise a stink over an issue, who will?

It's one reason why he periodically has raised the issue of Biden's cognitive health, because after the bruising 2019-2020 Democratic presidential primary campaign where it was leftists/media figures raising questions about Biden's mental acuity, the media and the left stopped talking about it once their "rally around Biden" strategy took shape in the spring of 2020.

So with Biden's disastrous Thursday debate performance taking center stage along with the Democrat implosions, the donor freakouts, and all the media recriminations, one would think Trump would be taking a victory lap, saying along the way "Toldjah so!" right?


He's not doing it, y'all.

Outside of a smattering of posts and reposts about Biden's awful performance and what it signifies, the bulk of his Truth Social account has been focused on the SCOTUS immunity ruling and other matters related to the left's lawfare campaigns against him.

In other words, Trump seems to (mostly) be observing the "silence is golden" rule on the topic - for now, at least, an unusual tactic for him but one that is earning plaudits:

And as one might imagine, it is driving the mainstream media crazy (language warning):

Not sure if it's calculated or just incidental, but it's been fascinating to see his discipline on this after the debate. He could have just gone nuclear on Biden but he hasn't, because why bother? 


The old saying about never interrupting your opponents when they are in a freefall comes to mind here. It's one of the most underrated political strategies out there and, whether intentional or not, has been interesting to watch play out the closer we get to the Democratic National Convention, which promises to be an absolute barnburner.

Think about it: For all the media/left talk about GOP infighting and how Trump is allegedly like a bull in a china shop, the Republican National Convention is going to be rather tame and run-of-the-mill, orderly even, in contrast to how lit up the DNC will be over the Biden problem.

It's been a remarkable turning of a narrative onto its head and one that you couldn't make up if you tried. As the headline said, you gotta love it.

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