The Viral Biden Brain Freeze Debate Moment That Raises the Greater Question: Who's Running the Country?

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Can we talk about that ridiculous "cheap fake" narrative the Biden team and a lot of the mainstream media were trying to push on us for the past couple of weeks?


According to that narrative, Joe Biden really didn't have a problem; it was just those Republicans publishing "edited" public videos of Biden being incoherent. So obviously, don't believe the evidence of the facts and your own eyes. 

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But Biden showed who was telling the truth during his disastrous debate in a way that no one could deny. Half the time, you couldn't even understand what he was trying to say. I wrote a prior post about what I thought might be the most incoherent moment. To be fair, it was a hard choice — there were so many. And they were coming fast and furious. That one was about women being raped by their "brothers and sisters." That was a very bizarre, incoherent comment on forced incest from Biden. 

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But I didn't want you to miss this wild brain-freeze moment from Biden because it just epitomizes everything we've been saying about him. Even former President Donald Trump could barely believe it and had a moment of concern for Biden, I think. But there's a reason this went viral, with about 16 million views as of this writing after Russell Brand tweeted it. Biden is completely confused about what he's saying, asserting he was making every single person eligible for what he was able to do with "the COVID." 


He realized he didn't know what he was saying halfway through, froze, and then ended, saying that he "beat Medicare." Uh, what? 

Then Trump just finished him off by noting how, indeed, he has beaten Medicare to death. Boom. And that's true — what Biden has done has been problematic for Medicare Advantage, as we've written about in the past. I think Trump was relatively gracious here, not further beating on someone while he was imploding. 


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You look at that, and you know just how bad he is. But this has been going on a while — while we have been reporting it, while lawmakers were talking about it to the Wall Street Journal, while Special Counsel Robert Hur was writing about it in his report, while the Biden team and the Democrats have been denying it. His team knew this, top Democrats knew this, and yet still, they were trying to pass this guy by Americans just to hold onto control. They should be rejected utterly for that, even if they swap him out for someone out. This is shameful and against the best interests of the United States. 


But it also raises the greater question we've been asking for some time on some level: Who is really running the country when this guy is so bad? Because he isn't the one making the decisions when he can't even follow what he's saying. What must our enemies be thinking when they see this? 



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