Not Okay: Journos Detail Disturbing Tracker-Like Tactics From Biden Staffers During Kamala's Nevada Rally

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Amid BidenWorld and their media allies trying and failing to contain the fallout from President Joe Biden's nightmarish presidential debate performance, the spotlight has increasingly been shone in Vice President Kamala Harris' direction as rumors swirl about a push to get Biden to drop out of the race.


But that spotlight at times can be glaring and unflattering. 

As RedState's Bob Hoge reported earlier, Harris sounded very defensive and defeated when questioned after the debate by CNN's Anderson Cooper on what went wrong. In fact, she tried to downplay it as a mere hour-and-a-half out of three-and-a-half years of what she called "performance and work that has been historic" by Biden.

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While Biden was in North Carolina Friday, Harris traveled to Nevada for a campaign rally where she of course was the featured speaker.

Before the festivities began, reporters who were traveling with Harris set about interviewing rally attendees, which is standard practice. But then things got weird and a little creepy.

Two of them, one from the New York Times and another from the Las Vegas Journal-Review, reported that several campaign staffers actually followed them around to listen to what those being interviewed were telling them. If the attendee said anything negative about Biden, the staffer would try to cut the interview short.

From Times reporter Simon Levien:

As I spoke to voters at a Las Vegas rally for Vice President Harris, a Nevada Biden campaign staffer followed me and twice asked that voters end their interviews when their comments turned critical of President Biden.

One undecided voter, Stephen Stubbs, said he wished Biden would step aside and let Harris be the presidential nominee. The staffer interrupted, saying: “I’m going to stop it here, sorry, if I can. It’s a Biden event. Is that okay?”


Taylor Avery from the LV-RJ had a similar experience while noting that in her case, she was filmed by a staffer as she talked to rallygoers. She said it happened to other journos as well, and that in one instance, a person she was interviewed seemed intimidated by the staffer:

First things first: It's just creepy as all get out to be followed around by a staffer, considering these reporters presumably were just doing nothing more than their jobs. 

Further, the staffers had no business cutting the interviews short for any reason, especially one that involved being critical of a government official.

Even worse, some of the staffers were allegedly filming the goings-on as though they were being told to document and monitor reporter activity toward rally attendees.

This brings me to my next question: Considering this wasn't just one staffer but multiple staffers doing this, it sounds like there was coordination at some level, as though someone higher up gave the word to engage in tracker-like activity by trailing the media. 


Who was it, and why was it given? If this chilling "control the message" tactic becomes the standard going forward for Biden-Harris campaign rallies, it will make Biden and Harris both look worse than they already do. It will also give voters the distinct impression they don't believe in free speech and freedom of the press (an impression that has a solid basis in reality, I should note).

Whatever the case may be, this was not okay, and someone from the Nevada for Biden campaign team needs to be asked some questions themselves - on camera.

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