Told Ya So: James Rosen Reminds of What Happened After Directly Questioning Biden on Cognitive Concerns

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As the massive fallout from Joe Biden's disastrous 2024 presidential debate performance on CNN continues, the media recriminations have been coming fast and furious as well. 


Many conservatives, for instance, including RedState's own Brad Slager have pointed to how Biden's enablers in the press had to have known this all along but chose to gaslight the American people because Orange Man Bad. We saw this more recently with their quick adoption of the Biden White House's talking points about how video clips of Biden looking lost and out of it were allegedly "cheap fakes" and not to be taken seriously.

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To emphasize the point, Newsmax reporter James Rosen posted a timely reminder on his Twitter/X page about what happened to him after he questioned Joe Biden directly about concerns people had during a rare press conference he held in January 2022:

Now while the media's defenders would say that's on the Biden White House for blackballing Rosen from being able to get a question in, it's also on the Biden-compliant White House Press Corps, who could have risen to Rosen's defense but presumably didn't.


At some point, however, the blackball was lifted, which provided Rosen the opportunity to ask another question related to concerns about Biden's cognitive abilities during last Monday's White House press briefing, as we previously reported.

It was during that exchange between Rosen and White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre that we got a rather revealing moment where Jean-Pierre repeatedly refused to answer Rosen's question as to whether or not she felt Biden was just fine:

Q    The majorities of American voters who are telling pollsters repeatedly for years now that they have serious concerns about this President’s cognitive fitness are being misled by cheap fake videos?  Is that what you’re telling us?

MS. JEAN-PIERRE:  I’m saying that there have been — in recent weeks, there have been cheap fake videos that have been fact-check.  They’ve been fact-check — by conservative media as well — to say that these videos are false.  They’re purp- — purposefully being altered. 

Q    So, he’s fine?

MS. JEAN-PIERRE:  That is —

Q    So, he’s fine?

MS. JEAN-PIERRE:  That is — look —

Q    He’s fine?

MS. JEAN-PIERRE:  — the President has done more in his three years — three and a half years as president than most modern-day president in what he’s been able to deliver.  He’s able to do that because he knows what he’s doing.  He knows how to deliver for the American people.


As I said at the time, when even your high-paid apologists have their limits on how far they'll go to tell fibs on your behalf, you know there's a problem. A big one.

Relatedly, let's keep this in mind as Biden's media apologists feign shock over how awful he looked Thursday night:

'Nuff said.

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