State Dept. Spox Punctures Joe Biden’s ‘Concerns’ on Israel’s Hospital Strategy in Rare Moment of Sanity

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Joe Biden's State Department has become infamous for the type of incompetence and tone-deafness that is more the rule than the exception in the Biden administration.


On Monday, however, let it be known that a rare moment of sanity erupted during the course of the State Dept's daily press briefing, with spokesman Matthew Miller inadvertently demonstrating that on the issue of Israel's Gaza hospital strategy, he didn't get the Biden memo.

As RedState reported, Biden said Monday at the White House that his "hope and expectation" was "that there will be less intrusive action relative to hospitals" in Gaza by the IDF, and that his administration "remain[s] in contact with the Israelis."

"I have not been reluctant [in] expressing my concerns with what’s going on,” Biden also stated.

Biden's comments came after immense pressure and a public campaign by members of the House's Hamas Caucus of Democratic Socialists like Reps. Rashida Tlaib and Cori Bush as well as Useful Idiots like "Queers for Palestinian Justice," all of who have called on Biden to condemn Israel over allegations they deliberately target civilians in Gaza hospitals.

But in what may be a first for the Biden State Department, Matt Miller had another message for critics of Israel's hospital strategy.

Miller was asked by a reporter about what his thoughts were on "what's going on" with the Gaza hospitals. Miller's response was like a breath of fresh air at a time when there is not only too much equivocation from the Biden administration on the Israel-Hamas war, but also infighting amongst members of the State Dept. and USAID, some of whom have staged a mini-revolt, accusing Biden of being "complicit in genocide" because he supports Israel.


"We would love to see Hamas vacate the hospitals that it's using [as] command posts immediately. We would love to see all the people that are calling for Israel to take steps to protect hospitals - call for Hamas to vacate the hospitals and stop using civilians as human shields! We would love to see Hamas take some of the fuel reserves its sitting on and use that to supply hospitals in Northern Gaza. We would love to see Hamas have taken the fuel that Israel offered it yesterday that they declined, for use at Al-Shifa hospital. 

So it's a very difficult situation. And I would say as a principle, I'll just re-say what I said at the top: We do not want to see civilians caught in the crossfire."


That Hamas uses civilians as human shields is not breaking news, and it's something even they will acknowledge with admissions about how the people of Gaza are allegedly born to be "martyrs" against Israel.

The question here is why is the acknowledgment of this barbaric tactic coming from a spokesman for the State Department rather than Joe Biden himself?

The answer here, I think, lies in something I've suggested before, which is Joe Biden's attempted appeasement of The Squad in hopes they'll be quiet and go away. 


To reiterate a point I've made previously, Biden's best bet would be to ignore The Squad and urge Israel to continue to go full throttle until they take care of the Hamas threat. But he won't, because Biden's bigger concern seems to be the optics here at home among members of his own party, where the divisions over the Israel-Hamas war are widening not just among members of Congress but also among the party faithful.

To state again: Real leaders lead while the rest try to please all people, including those who do not approach resolving the most pressing of issues in good faith. I think we know which camp Joe Biden falls into on this, and it's one of the biggest reasons why he doesn't deserve another four years in office.

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