'Alternate Reality': Fox News' Bill Melugin Just Shreds Ted Lieu's Gaslighting of Mayorkas' Abyssmal Record

This has unquestionably not been a good week for Dept. of Homeland Security Sec. Alejandro Mayorkas and his defenders.

Mayorkas was subjected to some brutal grillings from Republicans during a House Judiciary Committee hearing on DHS Wednesday, with Rep. Chip Roy (R-Texas) absolutely bringing the fire in calling out the embattled Biden cabinet official for his multiple failures in what was perhaps a preview of what impeachment proceedings against Mayorkas will look like should it come to that.


From the other side of the aisle came some pretty extreme gaslighting, which was best exemplified by Rep. Ted Lieu (D-Calif.), whose knowledge of what was actually going on at the Southern border probably would barely cover the bottom of a thimble.

Below, we see Lieu laughably (and falsely) claiming that the border under Joe Biden’s and Mayorkas’ watch has been better than it was under all Republican presidents going back to Richard Nixon:

Fox News national correspondent Bill Melugin, who has been the point person for the network for a couple of years now on the Biden border crisis and bringing us alarming footage we don’t often see, was having none of it, and responded accordingly:

The situation at the border has gotten worse during Mayorkas’ time in office by almost every single metric.
– Back to back years of highest migrant deaths in history.
– Back to back years of highest recorded illegal crossings in history.
– 1.5 million + known gotaways.
– Highest number of unaccompanied minors in recorded history via rampant human smuggling.
– Back to back years of highest terror watchlist encounters in history.
– Record fentanyl OD deaths & smuggling.
– Cartels enriched & in control of parts of the border.

While it is true illegal crossings have dropped to much lower levels since the end of Title 42 in May, it is largely because the Biden admin has been admitting tens of thousands of migrants into the US each month through “lawful pathways” via executive parole authority, even though they may have no legal basis to be here, by using CBP One app appointments at ports of entry, and flying them directly into the US if they have a sponsor.

Big picture, to say border has “improved” under Mayorkas is not factual. It is an alternate reality and doesn’t account for 2+ years of complete chaos.


As of this writing, Lieu hasn’t responded to Melugin although the Congressman is making time to spar with random Twitter users on issues unrelated to his remarks about Mayorkas because priorities and what not.

My guess is that the reason for his lack of response is that Lieu and/or his handlers likely know that when it comes to Mayorkas, Melugin has his number.

Melugin has busted Mayorkas and the Biden administration a number of times on erroneous claims about the border crisis, including on the so-called “parole program,” their persistent statement that the border is “not open,” and the claim that many coming over the border are “not intending to stay here for a lengthy period of time.”

As the saying goes, facts don’t care about your feelings, and that is most definitely the case with Lieu’s complete glossing over of Mayorkas’ abyssmal record.

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