WH 'Smoke and Mirrors' Explanation About Illegal Alien Releases Gets Blown Away by New Video

The Biden Administration has been claiming that they are using Title 42 and the “Remain in Mexico” policy to expel single, adult males caught coming into the country illegally.


But Fox’s Peter Doocy grilled White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki after Bill Melugin’s bombshell reporting about single, adult males just being released into the country in multiple locations, including Brownsville and the San Antonio airport. Psaki acted as if she didn’t know what was going on, by saying they were acting in accord with Title 42, but then talks about “migrants who cannot be expelled under Title 42” being placed in “alternative” situations.

Translation? That means released, in many cases. They’re supposed to show back up for proceedings, but as Doocy explained, at least 47,000 of them just blew that off.


The people who are let in despite Title 42 can include people let in because border areas are overwhelmed or their countries wouldn’t repatriate them. Which sounds like it could be anybody and everybody. So, basically, this is all smoke and mirrors.

Psaki’s response? There will be consequences, she claims. But what consequences, since we know that ICE is no longer deporting people for being here illegally? This is smoke and mirror talk to excuse just releasing single, adult males into the country.

We wrote earlier on Thursday about the “hush-hush,” “down-low” flights.

But the newest videos from Bill Melugin further bust the Biden team’s fiction, where he notes there have been mass releases of single, adult males going on for months.

This is despite knowing that some of these people have criminal histories.


So, instead of being enforcement and removal agents, now ICE has become travel agents — taking illegal aliens anywhere they want to go.

By the way, guess who ends up paying for it?

“We make contact with the family members and ask them for an address and to please buy a ticket (bus or plane). If they don’t, then the NGO buys the ticket and bills the government,” Melugin was told by the ICE agent. So, you know that we end up paying for it.

The source said the reporting only scratches the surface and that the mass releases have been happening discretely since February, that ICE fugitive operations teams are essentially nonexistent and that ICE Enforcement and Removal Operation (ERO) has become what the source called an “unofficial travel coordination agency.”

“Between [releases] and the vaccine mandate the morale is at the lowest,’ the source said. “Imagine going to the office to make phone calls all day to coordinate travel for someone who just came in illegally, some of them with criminal records.”

The Biden administration has drastically limited ICE’s scope for arrests and deportations, blocking worksite enforcement raids, barring agents from making arrests at certain locations and limiting enforcement to three priorities – recent border crossers, aggravated felons and national security threats.


As the DHS contractor in our earlier story noted, the Biden administration is “betraying the American people.”

But hey, just remember, borders are inviolate. If they belong to Ukraine.


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