Ted Lieu Doubles Down on the Fail After Getting Lit up Over '9 Week Pregnancy' Claim

My RedState colleague Bob Hoge reported Sunday on how Rep. Ted Lieu (D-Calif.) absolutely beclowned himself on the Twitter machine over the weekend in response to a U.S. district court judge’s Friday ruling that effectively suspended the Food and Drug Administration’s approval of the mifepristone abortion pill.


In his original post, Lieu tweeted out a picture of what he (falsely) claimed was a “pregnancy at 9 weeks” along with an idiotic claim about how the ruling could be used to “ban viagra”:

Even after being soundly debunked by Twitter users informing him that that was in fact not what an unborn child looked like at nine weeks, Lieu has unfortunately doubled down and as of this writing is continuing to make the claim by using the same pictures:

The photos he used came from a Guardian link from October 2022, which he keeps tweeting out as “proof” that he’s correct.

The problem with Lieu citing the Guardian is that the Guardian pulled them from the “MYA Network” pro-abortion site, which doesn’t alert their own readers until way down in the fine print in the FAQ section that the images they shared were of the “gestational sac alone.”


I took abortion pills and it didn’t look like this. Why?

We rinsed off the blood and removed the menstrual lining (decidua) in preparation for these photos. What you see here is the gestational sac alone. If you are taking abortion pills at home or having a miscarriage, what you see will look different. Most people will experience a heavy period which may include blood clots of varying sizes, so it can be difficult to see the pregnancy tissue unless you purposefully look for it. If you are over 9 weeks pregnant and choose to look, you may see an early embryo.

None of this, of course, matters to Lieu, who keeps insisting that “A 9 week pregnancy is not a baby.”

This is absolutely shameless but it’s what pro-abortion politicos and activists do. Deliberately deceive people and post lies about what a baby is and is not. In Lieu’s case, he keeps tweeting out links of those same deceptive photos. Yet when you refute what they say beyond a shadow of a doubt, they triple and quadruple down by claiming the same thing over and over again as though you never said a word because their careers and livelihoods depend on them not wavering from their position on the killing of an unborn child.


The whole Democrat argument in favor of abortion revolves around dehumanizing vulnerable, unborn life in order to justify their continued support of so-called “abortion rights.” Keep in mind that these same people would also chain themselves to a death row inmate if they could in order to protect them from their punishment.

And yet they want to call Republicans heartless monsters. I beg to differ, and I suspect that if the over 60 million or so babies aborted since Roe v Wade was decided could speak, they would say so, too.

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