Fox Reporter Outfoxes Biden FAA After They Try to Stop His Drone Coverage of Huge Illegal Alien Influx

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

Fox’s Bill Melugin has been reporting on the horrible situation at the International Bridge in Del Rio, Texas for the past two days.


You can see the massive number of people there. So could other Americans from Fox’s drone coverage. That must have made someone in the Biden team unhappy, so suddenly the FAA told Fox they were banned from flying their drones over the bridge for the next two weeks for a “special security reason.”

Is the “special security reason” because it might make Joe Biden look worse than he already does?

But Bill Melugin’s a real journalist. He was not going to be put off by that move from the Biden Administration. So he managed to get around that by getting an invite from the Texas DPS to go up in one of their helicopters to take video from the air.


You can see the people streaming across from Mexico, using a dam to cross over. The stream of people crossing is continuous, with no CBP or anyone stopping them.

It’s out of control.


When Melugin got around it and showed the views anyway, getting even more attention because of the effort to shut him down, now the government is apparently going to continue to let them use drones in the future. I guess the “special security reason” went away for the weekend and is now in Rehoboth Beach in Delaware.


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