Trans Activist Lets the Mask Slip in TikTok Rant on 'Womanhood' and 'Owning Periods'

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Writing about radical transgender activists and their powerful allies, especially those hellbent on so-called trans women taking over women’s sports, has almost become like a “dog bites man” thing at this point. But they just keep saying and doing dangerous stuff that deserves calling out, because staying silent on this issue at this point really is the equivalent of giving tacit approval of the erasure of women, in my opinion.


The latest example comes from transgender TikTok-er “Blessing Rose,” whose rant on “womanhood” got a little extra publicity Monday thanks to the Libs of TikTok Twitter account.

In the clip below, we see Rose snidely condemning women who were born women for claiming they “own womanhood” and “own periods.” In Rose’s opinion, women pointing out that there are experiences that are unique to them alone (like pregnancy and monthly cycles, for example) equates to “transphobia” and “audacity and arrogance.”

“Ya don’t [own those things],” Rose looked into the camera and told actual women who have had the nerve to point out inconvenient facts about womanhood to pseudo-women like Rose.

“As a cis woman, those don’t belong to you so you can’t gatekeep it, like – hello?” Rose went on to proclaim.


Like, what planet must this person live on to think that men know what it’s like to experience the things that women do on the physical side, like menstrual cramps, like carrying a baby to term, like childbirth like hysterectomies, etc.?


I should also point out that putting on lipstick, fake eyelashes, and a wig does not make “Rose” an expert on women, but I digress a bit.

Some might wonder “Why should I care what this random TikTok user has to say?” The reason is because this is not a unique view in the transgender community, something I’ve written about before which I’ll share again here.

Laverne Cox, an actress who was born a male but who identifies as a female, went on a Twitter rant several years ago and tried justifying his position on the issue based in part on his belief that there were no experiences women go through that were unique to them (copied directly from the Twitter thread he wrote):

Gender exists on a spectrum & the binary Narrative which suggests that all trans women transition from male privilege erases a lot of experiences and isn’t intersectional. Gender Is constituted differently based on the culture we live in. There’s no universal experience of gender, of womanhood.

In essence, here’s what Cox (and Rose) did: Biological males who now identify as women mansplained to women that there is nothing “universally” unique about their experiences as females. This must be why they wanted to identify as one or something.


I hope I’m not the only one who finds this line of argument to be deeply disturbing and a direct threat to women’s rights.

In closing, what’s the most important thing to remember in this debate? That we mustn’t be silent on this, because the only way these radical ideas will flourish is if good people sit idly by and do nothing, either thinking it will pass or thinking they’d rather stay out of it for fear of being “canceled.”

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