Clown World: Transgender Cyclist Claims Biological Men Are 'Underrepresented' in Women's Sports

AP Photo/John Hanna

Austin Killips, a biological male cyclist who competes with biological women, found solace in the cycling community during the USA Cycling Pro Road championships in Knoxville, Tennessee. Having faced backlash after becoming the first transgender woman to win a UCI 2.2-registered stage racing event, he expressed his love for the sport and the support he received from fellow cyclists.


“It was nice to have this experience with others that sort of refuted my anxieties and reminded me that this is a really great and wonderful sport filled with people that I love dearly,” Killips said during an interview with Knox News on Saturday.

In the conversation, Killips also stated his belief that there were not enough biological men competing in women’s sports and expressed fear that backlash against this trend would prevent more men from entering these events:

It’s certainly concerning that the nature of the discourse, the amount of energy that has gone into building this narrative would lead you to believe that there’s this massive number of trans athletes participating in sports and winning all the time, when the reality is that we’re statistically underrepresented. By the number, some of us do well, a lot of us do just fine, are just normal competitors.

If the rules say trans people can play, then it doesn’t mean that we can’t win.

That’s right, folks. Killips thinks biological men are “underrepresented” in women’s sports, showing once again that we are living in a clown world. But the issue isn’t just that people like Killips think more men should be competing with women. The issue is that they truly expect to gaslight, cajole, coerce, or shame the rest of us into co-signing that nonsense. Those around him are participating in a mass illusion to make certain folks feel good and virtuous.


Of course, men should not be competing with women due to the physiological advantages that most males possess over females. Men generally have higher levels of testosterone, which contributes to increased muscle mass, bone density, and oxygen-carrying capacity.

These biological differences give them a significant physical advantage over women athletes, even if they undergo hormone therapy to reduce testosterone levels. Allowing biological men to compete in women’s sports creates an unfair playing field and undermines the principles of fair competition.

Another problem with the inclusion of biological men in women’s sports revolves around the protection of female athletes’ opportunities and scholarships. Women’s sports have historically been underrepresented and marginalized, and providing equal opportunities for women to excel in sports has been a crucial aspect of promoting gender equality.

Allowing biological men to participate in women’s sports can potentially reduce the chances for female athletes to succeed, earn scholarships, or gain recognition. This can have a demoralizing effect on female athletes and discourage them from pursuing their sporting ambitions.


But seriously, a child could figure this out – it is far from being rocket science. Everyone knows that men are men and women are women. This is why progressives have to lie about the matter and try to shame people into buying into it by falsely labeling them as bigots. When something is indefensible, the best strategy is to hope you can deceive folks into going along with it. Unfortunately, this tactic is working on far too many Americans.


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