Unwell-Looking Joe Biden Tells on Himself in SCOTUS Comments During Trainwreck MSNBC Interview

President Joe Biden is interviewed on MSNBC, June 29, 2023. Credit: MSNBC.

On Thursday, several hours after the Supreme Court issued its 6-3 ruling effectively ending race-based discrimination a.k.a. affirmative action in college admissions, President Joe Biden stepped before the cameras to explain his displeasure with the court’s decision, as we previously reported.


But comments he made as he walked away from the podium have raised eyebrows and questions, considering the lectures Biden has given the American people over the last two and half years about how we must respect our “sacred institutions” and not undermine them.

Watch below as Biden is asked by a CNN so-called reporter if the Supreme Court is an illegitimate “rogue court.” His answer?

“This is not a normal court”:

Because Biden left the room at that point, there was no chance to ask a follow-up question as to what he meant.

But later in the day, he appeared for a pre-scheduled interview with MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace where, after she did the requisite amount of gushing and ring-kissing, she asked him directly what he meant about “not a normal court”:

What I meant by that is that it’s done more to unravel basic rights and basic decisions than any court in recent history. And that’s what I meant by “not normal.” It’s gone out of its way to, I mean for example, take a look overruling Roe v. Wade, take a look at the decision today, take a look at how it’s – how it’s ruled on a number of issues that are – have been precedent for 50, 60 years sometimes. And that’s what I meant by “not normal.”


In other words, the court is “not normal” because it has sometimes issued decisions that Democrats like Joe Biden don’t like.


Next, Wallace again gushed, this time over the befuddling dissent written by Biden Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson, a dissent Wallace predicted would “one day be in the history books” because of its supposed brilliance. After reading it, she asked Biden “How did the six get it so wrong?”

Biden proceeded to invoke the Federalist Society, insinuating they are extreme in their interpretation of the Constitution and saying that “this court has gone beyond that.” Biden also declared without evidence that the court was “so out of sorts with the basic value system of the American people,” saying again without evidence that a “vast majority” of people in this country don’t agree with the decisions made by the Supreme Court, as if the court of public opinion is what our nation’s highest court should base their decisions off of:


In reality, it’s Joe Biden who is out of touch with the American people, considering they’ve made their opinions on affirmative action well known in past polling:

Wallace then bizarrely pressed Biden on if he felt the court was “anti-democratic,” and a confused-looking Biden responded by suggesting that the court’s “value system was different, its respect for institutions is different” – probably one of the most self-unaware comments he’s made in recent memory considering the amount of times he’s attacked the Supreme Court since they overturned Roe v. Wade.


The only semi-sane thing Biden had to say during the back-and-forth exchange on the ruling was that he was not a proponent of expanding the Supreme Court:


Biden later said that though he believes the Justices will “do too much harm,” expanding the court would “politicize it maybe forever in a way that is not healthy.” He then noted that he believed “some of the court” was aware that their “legitimacy” was being questioned—without mentioning that he was one of the people trying to delegitimize it.


At the end of the interview, something awkward happened. After Wallace thanked him for being on the show, Biden got up before the segment went to commercial break, and as the cameras continued to roll:

I wrote yesterday that I felt Biden wasn’t fit for another term based on his declining health and mental fitness. But it’s not just that. Comments like the ones he made today in response to the ruling are dangerous and do in fact undermine the legitimacy of the court by design, regardless of what he says about packing the court.


He has once again demonstrated his fair weather tendencies on “respecting our institutions” not to mention his rank hypocrisy on the matter.

2024 cannot come soon enough.

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