Chef's Kiss Postscripts to the Supreme Court's Affirmative Action Decision

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Undoubtedly, the 6-3 decision announced Thursday by the Supreme Court striking down race-based discrimination in college admissions has provoked some strong reactions from people, with the woke left and media having absolute meltdowns while conservatives and sane-minded legal scholars have celebrated both the ruling and Justice Clarence Thomas’ epic takedown of Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson’s arguments.


In the aftermath of both today’s decision and President Joe Biden’s self-serving and dangerous reactions to it, I wanted to turn to what I think are some chef’s kiss postscripts for the day, starting with the statement former First Lady Michelle Obama issued in response to the ruling.

“So today, my heart breaks for any young person out there who’s wondering what their future holds — and what kinds of chances will be open to them,” she wrote, while also saying that “So often, we just accept that money, power, and privilege are perfectly justifiable forms of affirmative action, while kids growing up like I did are expected to compete when the ground is anything but level.”

Full statement below:

I mean she basically made two arguments:

1) That black students can’t get ahead without affirmative action (untrue).
2) If it’s okay for “money/power/privilege” to (wrongly) be a factor in someone getting admitted into a college, then it should be okay to discriminate against white and Asian-American students in the name of supposedly leveling the playing field.

In other words, two wrongs make a right, in her view.

Of course, these arguments seem especially non-sensical considering how far Michelle Obama has come in her own life, which she attributes to affirmative action without acknowledging that her husband and former President Barack Obama was not elected as a state senator, U.S. Senator, nor President thanks to affirmative action, and that affirmative action had nothing to do with the generous perks that she and Mr. Obama – like all Presidents and First Ladies have – enjoyed both during their time in office and out of it.


This was explained far more succinctly by “Fox Across America” host Jimmy Failla in a tweet response to what Mrs. Obama claimed:

I just wanna thank Michelle Obama for having the courage to to tweet from one of her three mansions that black people can’t get ahead in this day and age. 🤡

Relatedly, Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s (D-Mass.) unhinged reaction to the SCOTUS decision is noteworthy for another reason:

Needless to say, the Senator’s flailing might have resonated with more people had she not attempted to be a beneficiary of affirmative action herself by way of false representation and cultural appropriation, as the Federalist’s Sean Davis helpfully pointed out.

“So sorry you can’t benefit from falsely claiming to be an American Indian anymore,” Davis wrote. “That must be really hard for you.”


Last but not least there was Gene Wu, the Texas Democrat state legislator who gave foolishness and obnoxiousness a whole new meaning during the “runaway Democrats” fiasco from the summer of 2021.

Wu, who is also a Chinese-American lawyer, actually tried to argue in so many words in a series of tweets that even though the ruling would benefit Asian-Americans that it was a “huge victory” for “white supremacy” (language warning):


Congratulations to WHITE SUPREMACY for winning a huge victory today.

Asian Americans have consistently been used as a foil to eliminate Affirmative Action programs which serve to repair centuries of intentional discrimination against Black and Latino AND Asian communities.

Having Asian Americans as parties doesn’t make it any less racist.

For decades, WHITE SUPREMACISTS have argued that there’s no need for direct affirmative action programs because institutional racism has been eliminated.

For anyone actually from minority communities, you know that’s complete bullshit.

If you want to see how ASIAN AMERICANS can be used to whitewash discrimination and support a White Supremacist agenda… Talk to Nikki Haley.

Imagine being such a self-loathing person that you would actually try to argue that a favorable court ruling that was handed down in response the case made by fellow members of your minority community is “racist” simply because racist nutjobs happen to agree with the arguments made by those same Asian-American litigants??

This would be kinda like a so-called feminist arguing that a Supreme Court ruling that favors people who believe women’s and men’s sports, dressing rooms, etc. should remain segregated based on sex is “misogynistic” because there are misogynists who would agree with the ruling.

Just crazy stuff. But that’s where we are here.

This in part is why I get giddy when landmark rulings are handed down by our nation’s highest court. Because when they go against the activist left, we get a very revealing look into who they really are, and believe you me, they reaffirmed to us who they really are on this day.


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