Texas Democrat Drops the Hottest of Takes and Heads Are Scratched

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Of all the fugitive Texas Democrats, who fled their state for Washington, DC to deny a quorum and a vote on voter integrity legislation, perhaps State Rep. Gene Wu has beclowned himself the most. This is a man who has thoroughly enjoyed his less than 15 minutes of fame, supposing himself as some kind of social media starlet. From posts bashing Tucker Carlson to his attempts to blame others for his colleagues spreading COVID to the White House, Wu has provided only the hottest of takes.


But these may be his hottest ones yet. Yes, Wu is running a two-for-one deal on ridiculous commentary today.

Wu, being the Twitter warrior that he is, decided to lock horns with Matt Whitlock after the latter criticized the Texas fugitives for obviously having no plan. I actually wrote about their plight some days ago, noting that they’ve clearly boxed themselves in (see Texas Democrats Finally Begin to Realize They Are Screwed). Yet, according to Wu here, he’s just days away from a glorious victory. What gives?

What gives is that Wu hopes all those people giving him money via scam PACs don’t realize that Gov. Greg Abbott is just going to call another special session so I hope Wu is comfortable in Washington. This is a waiting game and always has been. As I wrote the very first day this story broke, these Texas Democrats are engaging in a game of chicken they can’t win. Are they prepared to stay away from their families until next summer? Are they prepared to pay the political price this is going to cost some of them in less than heavily blue districts? Color me extremely skeptical.


Wu knows the system so he’s either purposely misleading to keep the cash coming in or he’s setting things up to claim that he and his cohorts were always going to only carry this out for one special session. Either way, there’s not going to be a victory for him.

Wu wasn’t done, though. I promised you a two-for-one deal and that’s what you are going to get.

Wu is like the guy who buys a bunch of followers on Twitter and thinks he’s actually clever, yet he just keeps walking into doors over and over. I mean, just when you thought he couldn’t top the cringe of his airport salad pictures, he goes out there and does it. That’s impressive.

Is this the best Democrats have to offer in Texas? I don’t know, but this certainly isn’t pointing to there being a very deep bench on the left. If these outlaws were smart, they’d have someone able to articulate their message with some sense of coherence at the forefront. But they aren’t smart, so you get Wu mouthing off on Twitter. Brilliance personified.



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