Texas Dem Gene Wu Commits Embarrassing Self-Own in Tweet Complaining About COVID Funding

I don’t think it’s even arguable at this stage of the game that among the numerous Texas Democrat state lawmakers who several weeks ago cut and ran away from their jobs and headed to Washington, D.C., cases of Miller Lite beer in hand, in order to deny Republicans a quorum to conduct state business during the special session, Rep. Gene Wu (HD137) has by far been the biggest embarrassment, as most recently documented by my colleague Bonchie.


Most infamously, Wu thought it would be cute to take to the Twitter machine and make fun of the appearance of his Republican colleague Brisco Cain (HD128), likening him to a serial killer. While under normal circumstances Wu’s remarks would have merely been considered childish – especially for an elected official, what made what he said especially repugnant was the fact that Cain has autism, which can impact facial features.

Wu was, of course, unapologetic when called out.

But as is often the case for performative Democrats who seek attention and glory, the holes they dig for themselves are never big enough, thus more digging is done, which is exactly what happened with Wu when he once again used his Twitter page to post what he thought was a “gotcha” tweet Tuesday alleging state Republican leaders were doing “NOTHING” to help funding-wise with the alleged “hospitalization crisis” in Texas:


The problem with Wu’s rant? The fact that the state still needs to appropriate some $17 billion in federal funding for COVID-related matters, which they can’t do because they don’t have the quorum to do so thanks to the antics of Wu and his fellow runaway Texas Democrats, as another Republican colleague – Rep. Matt Schaefer (HD6) – pointed out to Wu in response:

Not surprisingly, Wu didn’t handle having his actions thrown back in his face well. He just kept on shoveling:


If that’s not the pot calling the kettle black, then I don’t know what is.

Like I’ve said before, whatever you do in life, please don’t be this guy. Just don’t.

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