Reporter Calls Gavin Newsom's Bluff on 'Criminality' Allegation Against Ron DeSantis

California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) is interviewed on NBC's "Today Show" - June 7, 2023. (Credit: NBC/Today Show)

California is home to Hollywood and along with that many stuntmen and women, who bravely do their part every day to perform dangerous acts on TV show and movie sets that actors either can’t or won’t do.


Unfortunately, the Golden State is also home to a far more notorious stuntman – the state’s governor, Gavin Newsom, for who no cowardly political stunt is too low to pull if it gets him attention in the press and earns him plaudits from the wokest corners of the Democratic fever swamps.

When last we left you with Newsom, he was ramping up his war of words against Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who recently announced his entry into the 2024 GOP presidential nomination race. In a Monday tweet, keyboard warrior Newsom sneered at DeSantis, calling him a “small, pathetic man” and hinting that DeSantis might face “kidnapping charges” for taking California at their word that they were a sanctuary state that would welcome illegal immigrants with open arms.

It was an especially hollow warning considering the very next day, Florida’s Division of Emergency Management released video footage showing illegal immigrants smiling and laughing on the Sacramento-bound plane as well as signing the necessary consent forms.

Further proving the point that Newsom’s threat was empty was an interview he sat down for with NBC’s “Today Show.” In it, NBC News correspondent Jacob Soboroff confronted Newsom on the issue and asked if DeSantis should be worried about getting arrested when he arrives in the state later this month for a fundraiser.


A clearly agitated Newsom accused Soboroff of engaging in “hyperbole,” which Soboroff pushed back on, pointing out that it was Newsom who pushed the criminal charges issue with DeSantis as though it was a done deal. Newsom then backtracked by saying there could “potentially” be charges but that the investigation needed to play out first:

Hilariously, Newsom said in so many words that you couldn’t put the cart before the horse. “It’s ready, aim, fire, not ready, fire, aim. That’s his approach,” Newsom proclaimed without a shred of self-awareness that “ready, fire, aim” is exactly what he and his attorney general did in accusing DeSantis point blank without evidence of “kidnapping.”


Firing off without first looking into the facts is nothing new for Newsom, who also knee-jerk reacted to a Memorial Day mass shooting in Florida by blaming a Florida law that hadn’t even gone into effect yet.

As always with Newsom, it’s all sound and fury, signifying absolutely nothing except his desperate need to become relevant on a national stage while the state he’s supposed to be leading burns – literally and figuratively – in the background.

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