Newsom Blames Florida Memorial Day Shooting on DeSantis-Signed Bill That Hasn't Even Gone Into Effect

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What do you call a cocky governor of a solidly blue state who’s forced into a humiliating recall election after his draconian executive actions during the pandemic—which he was caught violating, several times — forced unnecessary hardships on millions of his state’s citizens? Two words: Gavin Newsom.


Or, “Governor Hair Gel,” to some.

And, not to beat up on Newsom too much, but here’s a guy who saw 340,000 Californians flee his state in 2022 for a myriad of reasons, including high violent crime rates, out-of-control spending, excessive taxation, homeless encampments, public drug use, and other far-left issues.

So what does the California governor take from that?

While Newsom continues to insist he won’t enter the 2024 Democrat presidential primaries, he does continue to tour key blue states — and also continues to take cheap shots at Republican presidential candidate Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. Coincidence? You make the call.

Anyway, as reported by Fox News, after at least nine people, including minors, were hospitalized Monday following an altercation that escalated into gunfire at Florida’s Hollywood Beach Boardwalk, Newsom ran his mouth on Twitter about the “senseless violence,” and how only “common-sense [sic] gun safety” laws will stop such shootings— a direct shot at a permitless carry bill signed by DeSantis in April.

DeSantis signed a permit-less carry bill in April that removes requirements for:
-background checks

Until our leaders have the courage to stop bowing down to the NRA and enact common sense gun safety this kind of senseless violence will continue.


Not to nitpick, Gavin, but it’s “permitless,” and “commonsense” — when used as an adjective.

Just one problem.

Florida’s new Constitutional Carry law, which will allow Floridians to carry concealed weapons without a government-issued permit, doesn’t go into effect until July 1, 2023, making Florida the 26th state to enact Constitutional Carry legislation. DeSantis Press Secretary Jeremy Redfern was kind enough to point out that little fact to Gov. Newsom.

The new law allows eligible citizens 21 years of age or older to carry without first obtaining a government-issued permit or paying a fee. And here’s the key: The legislation does not change who is eligible to obtain a carry permit, and those who still wish to get a permit may do so under the law. So Newsom’s nonsensical cheap shot at DeSantis was shot full of even more holes before it was tweeted.


Under the current law, Florida citizens who wish to concealed-carry in public must “desire a legal means to carry a concealed weapon” for lawful consent and pass a fingerprint-based background check, and complete a firearms training class, in addition to the previously mentioned government permit and fee.

While Florida’s new Constitutional Carry law makes all of the above requirements voluntary, the federal government still requires licensed firearms dealers to run background checks, while neither federal nor state law requires private sellers to conduct background checks.

Finally, let’s revisit “commonsense,” a favorite term of the left, and not dissimilar to another favorite, “fair share.” When a left-winger brings up either term, you’d be wise to immediately secure your copy of the U.S. Constitution and its Amendments — and your wallet — in a safe place.

Then kindly excuse yourself and head for the hills.

Simply, a gun-grabbing leftist who believes the best way to eliminate violent crimes committed with — not by — firearms — is to further restrict the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding gun owners is anything but a commonsense individual. On the contrary, leftists believe “gun violence” — not “criminal violence” — is the problem, so banning pretend “assault rifles” and “weapons of war” will surely do the trick.


Or Democrats, who spend your money like drunken sailors, howling at the moon about “fair share,” as in “Wealthy Americans should pay their “fair share” in taxes, want to take anything but a fair share from all U.S. taxpayers, and would rather “stick it to the rich.”

Toss in the serial lying by the likes of Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, who parrot ridiculous crap, ad nauseam, like: “Billionaires pay fewer taxes than school teachers,” and you’d have to be a moron to believe anything that comes out of these people’s mouths.


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