Joy Behar Slips up With an Admission About Trump During Cringe Segment on 'The View'

"The View" co-host Joy Behar makes the "loser" sign on the March 29, 2023 episode. (Credit: ABC/The View)

As RedState has documented numerous times including on Tuesday, ABC’s “The View” is absolutely not the place any self-respecting person will go if they’re looking for informed and enlightened commentary on what’s going on in America, much less pragmatic and common sense solutions to the problems the country occasionally faces.


It almost, almost seems unfair to keep calling them out on their nonsense, but the rabidly left-wing co-hosts are public figures and political commentators, who on a daily basis go back and forth with each other with the intention of influencing both voters and public policy.

So, the cringe displays they routinely put on including their bizarre self-loathing, their willful ignorance and abject stupidity, their patented lack of self-awareness, as well as their hate-filled intolerance for differing viewpoints are fair game for mockery and criticism (with a mega-heavy emphasis on mockery).

On the Wednesday show, however, an accidental admission was made by co-host Joy Behar during a segment on the 2024 GOP presidential primary, where the question was if there was any Republican who could beat former President Donald Trump, who declared his candidacy back in November.

Pseudo-conservative Alyssa Farah Griffin proclaimed Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who is rumored to be setting the stage for a spring announcement about his own candidacy, was “over-hyped” and should sit down for an interview with a “neutral interviewer,” suggesting ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos as an option because I guess former high-ranking Clintonistas are “neutral” in her view. She also said DeSantis needed to take a jab at Trump, apparently unaware that he’s already done just that.


It was when Griffin said DeSantis should go after Trump that Behar interjected, telling her that Trump needed to be the nominee so Democrats could beat him, calling him a two-time loser for some reason, while flashing the “loser” sign in a demonstration of total maturity or something.


It was like Behar saying the quiet part out loud about how Democrats and the media *need* Trump going into 2024, mixed in with a sprinkle of election denialism (Trump, as we all know, lost once, not twice):

As I’ve said before, the so-called “anti-Trump” media, including the ones who either incessantly talked about or who have written umpteen books about the “danger to democracy” another Trump term would allegedly represent—and for whom DC cocktail circuit approval is paramount to their “success” in all the important political circles—couldn’t quit him after the 2020 election and they can’t quit him now. Don’t ever let these grifters convince you otherwise.


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