'The View' Demonstrates Their Understanding of the Constitution Came out of a Cracker Jack Box

Whoopi Goldberg on The View. (Credit: Nicholas Fondacaro)

I’m not sure how “The View” ever got to be a show when they seem to have folks who don’t know the first thing about anything except how to push out liberal hate talking points.


But they seem to have absolutely no understanding of either facts or the Constitution. They proved that big time when they discussed the religious liberty case currently before the Supreme Court in which Colorado claimed their public accommodation law can force a website designer to make a design for a same-sex wedding, which amounts to compelled speech against her beliefs.

“The View” launched into a segment that went over the edge in dealing with the case.

Here is some straight-up ignorance from Whoopi Goldberg, claiming that the whole point of the Constitution [presumably the First Amendment] is about “freedom from religion,” that you don’t have to subscribe to anyone else’s religious beliefs.

Yikes. No, Whoopi, while the First Amendment is about not establishing a state religion, it’s also about protecting an individual’s right to the free exercise of his/her religion. It isn’t about “freedom from religion,” that’s a leftist trope. That’s not what the Constitution says. It’s exactly why the graphic designer’s rights should be protected here and not trampled on because Whoopi has a different opinion than the designer. The Bill of Rights is about protecting everyone’s rights from government overreach, exactly what we see in this case.


Whoopi claims forcing compelled speech against a person’s religious beliefs is somehow the same thing as not serving someone because they are black. That is not even close to being the same.

Listen as Sunny Hostin both attacks the Court and religion, saying religion has been used to disguise discrimination.

Yet, she’s stomping on and dismissing peoples’ freedom to exercise their own religious beliefs. You’re being compelled to create something that violates that belief because if you don’t you can be fined and run out of business. That’s what Hostin is supporting. But that’s fine because it’s in accord with their liberal beliefs.


When Joy Behar is the voice of reason in a discussion, you know you’re in trouble. Joy Behar asks about the reverse situation and they have no idea what they are talking about in response. Sunny Hostin says she thinks according to what she learned in law school they have to bake the cake. I’m thinking she must have skipped out on that day because that isn’t what they would have told her.

Sara Haines points out that this isn’t about being anti-gay, it’s about being forced to support the wedding with your speech.

Alyssa Farah tries to be on all sides of the question saying she’s against coerced speech but that this could be a “slippery slope” to racial discrimination when it has nothing at all to do with racial discrimination, which is prohibited.


Whoopi trips all over herself, accidentally making the case for the graphic designer in the SCOTUS matter when she, Whoopi, talks about how she wouldn’t be forced to make a cake against her beliefs, that the right not to do it should be “protected.” Then Joy makes the great point that if you don’t you face a penalty, just like in Colorado, if you don’t comply.

Sara Haines said it was the government telling a private business what to do.

Then they all go full bore into attacking religion, blaming religion for a throwback to discrimination, without seeming to care that their position is stomping on religious freedom, a basic right in the Constitution that we are all supposed to believe in and honor. They don’t have any understanding of it.


Whoopi wraps it up by going off the deep end, telling people who don’t agree with her to “get out of service.”

In other words, everyone must be forced to comply and act in accord with what the government demands including with compelled speech or expression. Whoopi spreads nonsense about doctors in Catholic hospitals denying aid to Jewish people. If anything that’s a false attack on Catholic hospitals. And if she wants to look at where we are slipping or being thrown back, Whoopi should look at the discrimination — based on race — being imposed in colleges against incoming students, particularly against Asian Americans. But she won’t call that out because again, it’s consistent with the liberal narrative.



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