As 'The View' Babbles: GOP 'Makes a Lot of Money off Children's Deaths,' Ghana Better Than U.S. for Blacks

Anyone who’s followed our coverage of the geniuses of ‘The View‘ — Goldberg, Behar, Hostin, & Co. — or had the misfortune of actually watching an episode of the absurdly woke, race-hustling clown show knows, these Mensa members show up every day to willingly make total fools out of themselves.


On Tuesday’s show, they took home the Clown World gold.

What else should we expect from these exploitive hypocrites, particularly after an unspeakable evil is committed by a lunatic with a gun? And when young children are tragically the victims, the ladies flat-out bring it. And of course, we can always count on race hustler Sunny Hostin to bring her specialty to the party.

We’ll get to Hostin’s silliness in a minute, but let’s begin with Tuesday’s bitter spew from Joy Behar.

The topic du jour was the horrific mass shooting at the Covenant Elementary School in Nashville on Monday, in which 28-year-old transgender “person” Audrey Hale, who identifies as “he/him,” according to social media profiles, killed six people, including three 9-year-old students before she was located and killed by law enforcement officers.

Just prior to the shooting, Hale posted on Instagram:

Something bad is about to happen. I don’t want to live. I’m so sorry. … I just need to die.

So there it was, according to Behar & Co. — along with the Democrat Party — the conclusive proof was in: the tragedy was the fault of… an evil AR-15, could there be any other reason the shooting occurred?

As reported by NewsBusters, Behar — after airing a clip of radical  left-wing Congressman Maxwell Frost (D-Fla.) asking what the GOP-controlled House will do to respond to mass shootings — snarled:


Nothing. They’ll do nothing. They do nothing. It’s all about the money.

Behar then went full-metal vile (emphasis, mine):

You know, Marsha Blackburn a senator from Tennessee. She, of course, sent out her thoughts and prayers. She is 13th on a list of senators who have received the most money from the NRA. She received over $1.3 million in donations while representing a state with 1,273 gun deaths a year.

Okay, follow the money. This is what this is all about. The gun lobby. All these people who are selling gun. They make lot of money off children’s deaths apparently in this country. They’re worrying about other people, books – baloney items. This they will not do anything about it.

That shameless comment isn’t worthy of a response — from yours truly, at least.

Finally, there was this ridiculous back-and-forth between Goldberg, Behar, and Hostin, the same worn-out lies the left has spewed for years:


And I don’t know why you need an AR-15. AR-15s are weapons of mass destruction.


They are weapons of war. They — does any person –


Nobody needs them.


No one needs them. You can’t hunt with them. When saw those pictures in The Washington Post, that 3D animation, I was like, “who hunts with this gun?!”


Well, they would demolish the deer.


There’s nothing left!

Histrionics aside, every word of the above ridiculousness fits nicely inside an unadulterated crock of crap, including the debunked nonsense about AR-15 rounds blowing targets (think “people”) apart.


I won’t waste your time or mine rehashing the “weapons of war,” “assault rifles,” “gun violence” silly shtick of the left, or again reminding the gun grabbers that the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun (see: Nashville shooter), so we’ll move on the next asinine segment of Tuesday’s show.

So here’s Hostin at her “best” — combining her usual anti-American screed with her go-to “white supremacist,” “racism” nonsense:

[T]he notion of patriotism and the notion of America and the American flag has been co-opted by the right as if they are true patriots.

But when I listen to Christopher Wray, the head of the FBI, he said white supremacy is the biggest domestic threat of [sic] this country. And so, as a woman of color with a 6’2″ black kid in college, and a 5’7” – 5’8″ black kid in high school, I don’t see that part of American exceptionalism!

I’m sorry. I think this country has a lot of problems that could be solved. Yes, maybe, they’re putting Muslims in jail in Afghanistan [wrong, try China]  … They’re putting more black people in jail, here.

The “notion” of patriotism hasn’t been co-opted by the right, or anyone else. America haters like Sunny Hostin rail against America and its Constitution, regularly. In response to a question about “what country on Earth [she thinks] would be better,” and where she’ “rather live in or feel like its more inclusive,” Hostin incredulously declared:


 Where I’m not a minority. I felt real good in Ghana.

Perfect, Sunny — don’t let the door hit you.

Listen, I normally add a “The Bottom Line” section in my articles, but I’ve pretty much said what I had to say, here. Besides, I feel like I need to take a shower after all of the smarmy in this piece.

Nice chat — I’ll be back, later.

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