Watch: 'The View' Uses Costumed Kids as Political Props During Deranged Halloween Show

"The View" co-hosts celebrate Halloween by having children dress up as FBI agents raiding former President Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago home. 10/31/22 (Credit: ABC/The View)

While it’s not uncommon to see adults dressed up as elected officials and other candidates for higher office on Halloween, having children dress similarly is something that is generally frowned upon unless it’s done in a benign, non-exploitative way.


That wasn’t the case on the Halloween edition of “The View,” however, which took their obsession with former President Donald Trump to deranged levels by cheerfully parading children in front of their studio and at-home audiences in costume for the occasion, being introduced by wardrobe supervisor Ashley Alderfer-Kaufman, with some of the kids dressed as Republican figures and even FBI agents for good measure.

First up were the three below, who were outfitted as Trump’s toilet, where they alleged without evidence that he flushed documents, and two FBI agents during the now-infamous Mar-a-Lago raid. Note how View grifter “conservative” Alyssa Farah Griffin “laughs” the most, presumably so people will conveniently forget how she previously gushed with praise over working in the Trump administration:

Later during the same segment was a kid dressed as Pennsylvania Republican Senate nominee Dr. Mehmet Oz, who they made fun of over an April video he made on purchasing ingredients for crudité at a local grocery store:


Though not a political statement, they turned the Will Smith slap of Chris Rock into a costume, seeming to glorify violence:

They also had kids dressed up as the discontinued Choco Taco and other non-political figures/items, but it was the ones of Trump and Oz that seemed to get the most gleeful responses from the co-hosts.

I get that people want to have fun on Halloween and that for some that means pushing the limits. But using children as props to score cheap political points against your opposition in this manner seems more than a little grotesque to me. I’ve never been a big fan of bringing kids to political protests, and I’m not a fan of using them in the way “The View” did, either.


Relatedly, I’m a little disappointed in the costumes worn by “The View” cast themselves – I mean how much harm would it have done the show for each of the ladies to show up for one day as grown women and sane individuals who have a good grasp of the subject matter they’re talking about instead of shamelessly opportunistic bigots/racists spouting off unhinged Twitter rhetoric in order to score cool points with their Very Woke Online supporters?

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