Biden White House Did the Predictable Thing Right After Nashville Mass Shooting

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It wasn’t hard to see this one coming, was it? Not even hours after the news broke about a mass shooting in Nashville, Tennessee that killed six people, including three children, the Biden administration is already using the tragedy to attack its political opposition and push for more gun control measures.


In the wake of a tragic school shooting in Nashville, Tennessee that claimed the lives of three children and three adults, President Joe Biden is calling on congressional Republicans to take action on gun control measures, including an assault weapons ban.

According to White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, the president wants Congress to act because “enough is enough.” “How many more children have to be murdered before Republicans in Congress will step up and act to pass the assault weapons ban?” she asked reporters at a press briefing on Monday.

Jean-Pierre went on to emphasize that schools should be safe spaces for children to learn and grow, and that the White House is coordinating with the Justice Department and local officials to respond to the shooting. She defended Biden’s previous gun-related executive orders and the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act, which incentivized states to introduce red flag laws.


When asked about the effectiveness of Biden’s unilateral action on gun control, Jean-Pierre admitted that she did not have the data at hand. Big shocker, right?

The shooting took place at the Covenant School, a private Christian school, and was carried out by a 28-year-old woman using two assault-type rifles and a handgun. In addition to the shooter, six people lost their lives.

As the local police chief gave a press conference, an anti-gun lobbyist disrupted the proceedings. She explained that she was a survivor of the Highland Park parade shooting and was in the area visiting her sister-in-law. “Aren’t you guys tired of covering this? Aren’t you tired of being here and having to cover all of these mass shootings? I’m from Highland Park,” the woman shouted.

“I have been lobbying in D.C. since we survived a mass shooting in July,” she said. “I have met with over 130 lawmakers. How is this still happening? How are our children still dying, and why are we failing them? Gun violence is the No. 1 killer of children and teens. It has overtaken cars.”

Since it is still early, we do not yet know all of the details of the case. The identity of the shooter has not been revealed. There is no information telling us how she obtained her firearms. We have no idea what the motive was. Most importantly, we have no idea what gun laws would have possibly stopped the shooting. In fact, if this atrocity is like most others – there isn’t any gun control legislation that would have prevented this person from carrying out this act.


But again, this is yet another situation where Democratic politicians step on the corpses of gun violence victims to advocate for measures designed to punish law-abiding gun owners without actually addressing the violence issue. Without any knowledge of what took place, these people seem to believe they already know what steps would have stopped it from happening. Either that, or they simply care more about disarming the citizenry than addressing gun violence.

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