Peak Stupid Is Reached in Latest Democrat Attack on Ron DeSantis

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For the “woke” left, there is literally nothing Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis can get right.

Perhaps anticipating a 2024 presidential run, they’ve repeatedly called him a “racist” over his commitment to ending wokeism in the public school system and higher ed and accused him during the Wuhan virus pandemic of wanting senior citizens to die because he didn’t go full metal dictator like disgraced former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo did.


More recently, they even falsely claimed DeSantis was pushing to mandate that female athletes report details about their menstrual cycles to state authorities.

But while most Democrat attacks on DeSantis have more or less revolved around the substance of what he proposes (though his critics frequently get that wrong, too), others have more to do with DeSantis’ no-nonsense style and to-the-point way of communicating, and – in the latest example – the kind of footwear he chooses.

Yep, folks. That actually happened.

Check out the below tweets from American Bridge president Pat Dennis, and while doing so, keep in mind that according to their website, the mission of American Bridge (which has been funded by mega-rich leftists including billionaire George Soros) involves “holding Republicans accountable and helping deliver Democratic victories”:

ZOMG like they’ve really got him now, don’t they? I mean clearly, Dennis believes so, judging by his follow-up tweet, where he wrote something something about Sen. Marco Rubio and 2016:


Rubio also did this, famously, and it became a major line of attack against him in the 2016 primary.

Silly? Sorry buddy, this is the game as it is played.

Firstly, quite literally no one but DeSantis knows if he wears “high-heeled boots” (or “cowboy boots” as they are more commonly known to average Americans) in order to appear taller or if he is – like most folks who wear them – simply someone who enjoys wearing boots.

Plus, unless you’re an out-of-touch elitist Democrat like Dennis, it’s, ya know, not exactly viewed as a negative in Republican circles to be wearing “high-heeled boots” (no matter the reason):

I honestly did not think the left-wing attacks on DeSantis could get any more petty and hilarious than they did when former Vox “journalist” Aaron Rupar actually critiqued the way DeSantis was sitting during a Fox News GOP gubernatorial town hall in April 2021:


If Dennis’ petty swipe at DeSantis’ boots and Rupar whining about DeSantis’ “manspreading” aren’t textbook “dudes posting their Ls” moments in U.S. politics, I don’t know what is.

As I’ve said before, if these types of things are what his numerous critics on the left and in the media have been reduced to taking “issue” with, you know Gov. DeSantis must be doing something right.

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