Vox 'Journalist' Takes Wild Swing at Ron DeSantis, Gets Lesson in Manly Manliness Instead

While it’s true that Ron DeSantis frequently triggers the left and the media (but I repeat myself) by refusing to fall victim to their bogus narratives about how he’s governed Florida, he also has earned the rare distinction of being one of the few Republicans who can cause eruptions on the left by not saying a word and simply putting one foot in front of the other.


Former President Trump was another Republican who caused meltdowns by merely walking from one spot to the next (remember media’s fevered “reports” about how he walked down that West Point ramp last summer and Why It Mattered?), but now that he’s no longer in office the Usual Suspects have settled their sights on DeSantis with literally his every move, including the eye twitches, to be monitored, dissected, analyzed, and – most importantly – criticized.

Case in point, Vox.com left-wing “journalist” Aaron Rupar. When last we left you, the notoriously dishonest hack was smearing a Georgia sheriff’s officer in a deceptively edited video that went viral to the point the officer’s bosses were reassessing his employment. This time around, Rupar’s target was DeSantis, who appeared on Fox News last night for a Republican governors town hall.

Rupar covered the town hall, tweeting out numerous out-of-context video clips as per the norm, which got a lot of attention from the Usual Suspects. But it’s a screengrab he posted of DeSantis sitting next to Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds that had people doing a double-take. Not at DeSantis, but at Rupar:


And the problem with that photo would be what exactly? Twitter users speculated on why Rupar took issue with DeSantis’ sitting posture, and that’s when the lessons on manly manliness began:


But beyond the quips about, ahem, packages, the larger point was made by another Twitter user, who – like most normal people – realizes there are much more pressing issues to be concerned about in this country for a so-called journalist than how the popular Republican governor of Florida sits in a chair:


Then again, if what his numerous critics in the media have been reduced to is taking “issue” with Gov. DeSantis’ sitting style, you know he must be doing something right.

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