GOP House Intel Chair Shuts Down ABC’s Martha Raddatz in Exchange Over Biden Classified Docs Scandal

Rep. Mike Turner (R-Ohio) speaks with ABC News reporter Martha Raddatz, 1/29/23. (Credit: ABC News "This Week.")

Though the mainstream media has surprisingly been more aggressive than I thought they’d be regarding the worsening Biden classified documents scandal, there’s still a fair amount of “playing clean up” going on amongst the Usual Suspects as they try to absolve Joe Biden of wrongdoing in the court of public opinion.


Among them is ABC News reporter Martha Raddatz, who during her guest-hosting stint Sunday on the network’s “This Week” program bizarrely took issue with House Intelligence Committee Chair Mike Turner’s (R-Ohio) claim that Biden likely took classified documents with him during his train rides home to his Wilmington, Delaware residence when he was a senator and then vice president.

Here’s how the exchange went down. But make sure to watch the clip and how Turner calmly explains to Raddatz how its conceivable that Biden did such a thing:

TURNER: I can’t imagine, which is what I said before, I can’t imagine a circumstance where anyone would believe that they need to have them in their home, and he clearly was taking them repeatedly on the train and back home and, you know, putting them in boxes in his garage. That — that repeated action is certainly concerning, but the overall arching —


RADDATZ: Do you have any evidence that it was a repeated accent (ph)?


RADDATZ: — or any facts about the train for instance?

TURNER: What you actually have reported yourself that some of these documents relate back to when he was a senator, and some of these documents relate to — to the time when he was vice president. That’s over several decades and over a great deal of time. And he famously tells us he was on the train going from Washington, D.C. to his house.

We know that he didn’t just fly there on their own. He would have had to have taken them. And having done so over a series of decades, certainly, is of concern, because it’s a practice.

But the point that you’re making which I think is the one we need to focus on is that these classified documents contain information that we don’t want anyone else to see, that we don’t want anyone else to know because they put at risk our country, they put at risk — as you reported, a great report, by the way — about the concerns of classified documents that these actually put people’s lives at risk who are working to try to protect our country and to keep our secrets safe



I don’t get Raddatz’s angle at all here. I mean as Turner noted, Biden was famous for talking about how he routinely took the train home to Delaware from D.C. (and he said this to make himself appear more relatable to the common folks) so it’s entirely conceivable that at some point he took some classified documents home with him during some of those train rides.

I mean, does she think in allegedly doing so that it would make Biden look any worse than he already does on this? Because I don’t really think it gets much worse than Biden stuffing classified documents into his garage next to his Corvette (where his son Hunter had access) and then claiming that they were safe there because the garage was locked, but whatever floats your boat, Martha.

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