Joe Biden Gives Unbelievable Must-Hear Response to Classified Documents 'Found' in His Garage

AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta

I’m nearly speechless as I start this article because that’s how unbelievable this story is. Really, we may have reached peak-Biden, so stick around because I’m not sure it gets any crazier than this.


As RedState reported, the location of the second trove of classified documents illegally taken by Joe Biden has been revealed to be his Wilmington, DE home. Specifically, they were kept in his garage, with at least one other document being in an adjacent room.

Finally, the president himself faced questions on the matter Thursday (from Peter Doocy, of course), and this is what he had to say.

The President of the United States, Joseph Robinette Biden, is excusing his taking and keeping of classified information in his garage by noting that he had a Corvette locked up next to them. What do you think his handlers were thinking as he uttered that line? I’m pretty sure it was that they made a grave mistake letting him out of lockdown and in front of the press.

Unfortunately, but expectedly, the press isn’t reacting the same way to this as they did with Trump’s supposed mishandling of classified information. I’m old enough to remember the audible gasps when the DOJ released a picture of documents spread out on the floor of a Mar-a-Lago closet. How could anyone be so irresponsible, they bleated! Anyone could have gotten into that locked closet, they proclaimed!


Yet here we have classified documents stuck next to a Corvette in a garage, and the response is fairly muted. To the extent that it’s being reported, it’s being contrasted with Trump’s dealings with none of the prior hyperventilating. Trump doesn’t set the legal baseline, though, and it is pretty clear that Biden illegally took and stored classified information. He also has no ability to argue that he declassified them. That’s what’s relevant, not whether the situation is an exact carbon copy of what Trump did.

I suspect there’s a lot more to come with this story, and members of the press should probably think about whether they want to keep going out on limbs that are going to continue to be sawn off. There’s already an announcement from Merrick Garland scheduled, and I suspect it’s not going to be about how great of a guy Biden is. Things are escalating, and while I don’t believe anyone will ultimately be held accountable on a legal level, there’s a lot more political damage left to happen. Buckle up.


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