WH Cracks Under More Grilling, Can't Keep Story Straight on Biden Classified Docs

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Joe Biden’s classified document scandal is unrolling like most things that involve Joe Biden — it’s full of lies and a complete mess.

As we previously reported, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre claimed on Thursday that the search for documents was “complete.” But then more documents were allegedly found Thursday night — though we weren’t told about them until Saturday. Meanwhile, KJP wasn’t telling us that more documents had been found.


I think it is fair to say that reporters asking Jean-Pierre questions on Tuesday were not at all happy that she had so misled them.

First, they asked if this was it — could she say now the search was complete? But KJP learned after falsely saying it was complete on Thursday. She refused to commit to that on Tuesday.

Then a reporter went after why had she not told the reporters on Friday about the latest documents that were found. Was she being told not to be forthcoming?

She claims that the White House “rightfully” took action, which didn’t answer the question.

But no, they didn’t rightfully take action. They didn’t tell the public in November. Neither did the DOJ or NARA, which says something about them as well — were they protecting Joe Biden? We might never even have heard about any of this if CBS hadn’t run the story this past week and pushed the White House for answers. And KJP hasn’t been straight with the facts telling us it was complete, then not telling the reporters about the latest documents on Friday.


Yet, the White House has the nerve to attack Republicans and claim they’re faking “outrage” over the classified documents. Reporters asked: Isn’t that outrage legitimate when Biden is leaving classified documents around in a garage?

KJP’s response? It’s becoming old at this point: Biden was “surprised” [that’s not good] and he takes classified documents “seriously.”

The reporter continued to press. You know it’s bad for the White House when Jean-Pierre tries to deflect by saying that the American people “also care about the economy.”

When she’d rather talk about the economy after Biden is responsible for crushing everyone with inflation, you know the scandal is getting worse. Of course, when she talks about gas prices going down, she doesn’t mention how high they went up under Joe Biden or that gas is still higher than when he started his term.


Reporters asked when was she told about the documents found at the Penn Biden Center in November and the documents found in December at Biden’s Wilmington home. Her answer says a lot about how little regard the Biden team has for her. She says she found out when the reporters did.

So Biden — or whoever is in charge — didn’t give her any time at all to develop a coherent message to deal with the problem. Not a good way to prepare a defense. What a mess.

The reporters were on fire and asked her perhaps one of the best questions of the day: “Why is it the matter of this White House Counsel to deal with documents from two administrations ago…? Why is this White House Counsel involved in this matter at all?”

While she refused to answer it, the problem of course is that means Biden’s team is injecting itself into the search, which means they’re making themselves potential witnesses, they could also be viewed as injecting themselves into a potential crime scene, and that raises concerns if they could also be trying to clean things up. Plus, it also raises questions for any of his personal attorneys involved in the search that he involved them and exposed the classified documents that were found to them as well.


The White House isn’t supposed to be dictating the investigation, the DOJ is. Yet, it’s the White House counsel and private Biden attorneys, unaccompanied by the FBI who were involved in this. As another reporter notes, how is this keeping the White House separate from the investigation?

Her response that “they have been working very closely” is part of the problem.

At a certain point, KJP lost her patience with the grilling.

But truthfully, it’s the reporters who had the right to lose their patience with her lying and had, clearly had enough. Reporter James Rosen asked if she was sorry that she’d told them something false at least six times. But she has no shame, so no, she wasn’t sorry.


KJP then gave up, knowing she was up a creek without a paddle, and beat it out of there. The guy behind her shoots Rosen a dirty look as they leave. That’s what they think about our right to know.


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