New Report Magnifies Hunter Biden's Connection to Joe's Home

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I’ve written previously about how Hunter Biden was living at his father’s home after Hunter’s 2017 divorce from his wife, and multiple documents listed the Wilmington home as his address in 2018 and 2019. A credit card and an Apple account also list the home as his residence in those years.


That’s a problem, if he’s living in the same home where Joe Biden has classified documents in the home and in the garage next to the Corvette. As we reported, there are pictures of Hunter from 2017, with his niece and another girl in Joe’s Corvette, which means he likely had access to the documents in the garage.

But now, there’s a new wrinkle from the NY Post that raises the stakes still higher. According to the Post, Hunter turned part of his father’s Wilmington home into a “high-powered” home office for himself.

The multiple texts and conversations from 2018 contained in Hunter’s iPhone show he apparently aimed to convert part the property into his new office.

“Have what’s in storage sent to my parents guest house,” Hunter Biden told his assistant Katie Dodge in a Dec. 10, 2018 text message, which was part of a trove leaked online last year and now hosted by nonprofit Marco Polo USA.

Four days later, Dodge followed up with an image from inside a storage facility with large wooden containers stacked three levels on top of each other.

“You have almost I think 3 of these containers full of office and personal items. Will they fit at Barley Road? It’s 3,000 cubic feet,” she said.

Hunter had previously been renting office space in the plush House of Sweden facility in Washington D.C — a lease that ended in February 2018.


So, not only was he living there, but he also had an office there? If that’s true, this raises the possibility that he had business associates in the house. And if he was still involved in drug use and foreign prostitute usage, what are the chances that was also going on in the home as well?

Joe has claimed he knew nothing about his son’s business. But if this is true, he had an office in Joe’s home, so how could Joe not know that?

I wrote earlier about Joe Biden’s notebooks being seized by the FBI because they might contain sensitive material, i.e. notes on classified material. I also reported about an incredibly detailed email from Hunter Biden to his partner about Ukraine that Tucker Carlson and others thought might indicate the use of classified knowledge.

“Having access to US classified material makes it much easier to leverage your business operations. You know things others don’t know or can’t know. That’s one very distinct possibility,” Jim Hanson, president of WorldStrat and information operations consultancy, told The Post. He talked about Hunter’s drug use and foreign prostitutes, “How could that go wrong in a place where a bunch of documents are stashed everywhere?”


Warren Flagg, a former FBI agent, told the Post Hunter’s stay in the house was “outrageous.” “How many people have access to the house. It is a zoo.”

The Biden team isn’t talking. But this scandal just keeps unraveling on them.


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