Watch: Biden WH Insults Our Intelligence With Latest Excuse on Why He Refuses to Visit the Border

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Throughout the course of his presidency, we’ve heard a lot of pathetic, unacceptable excuses from both the Biden White House and Joe Biden himself for why he has yet to visit the southern border.


For instance, we previously reported on an early December trip Biden made to Arizona, where incredibly he told a reporter who asked him about visiting the border that “there are more important things going on” than the need for him to directly address the record surge in illegal immigrants crossing the border, which has overwhelmed and put in danger local communities in border states like Texas and Arizona to the point they’ve been routinely busing groups of them to Democrat-run sanctuary cities.

In another recent example we also reported on at the time, a clearly agitated Rep. Debbie Dingell (D-Mich.) said during an interview that Biden didn’t need to visit the border, that he had handlers (admin officials) who would visit and report back to him on what they saw. “He’s seen the photos,” she stated, while also whining about the “fixation” on the “little issue” of wanting to know why the President of the United States has not made it a priority to show up and see the issues firsthand.

But in the latest round of “let’s make lame excuses for why Joe isn’t doing his job,” Biden White House advisor and former Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms took the cake Sunday with her answer to “Face the Nation” host Margaret Brennan’s question, saying in a nutshell that a Biden visit would tie up too many resources and be “disruptive”:

MARGARET BRENNAN: Well, why doesn’t he go to the border? He was just in Arizona. Why wasn’t it worth his time?

KEISHA LANCE BOTTOMS: Well, you have to remember, Margaret, when the president travels, it’s not like you or I jumping on an airplane and getting off and going to our destination. Everything comes to a halt. So, all of these things are in consideration for the president. Is that the best use of resources? All of the resources that will be diverted on the ground when the president makes a visit.

MARGARET BRENNAN: Is that why he didn’t go?

KEISHA LANCE BOTTOMS: But is that visit — well, I can’t speak to why he has or has not gone. I’m just speaking to the fact that it’s a bit more disruptive for the president of the United States to travel than you or I.



Well, if the reason for Biden abdicating his responsibility to see for himself what the problems are at the southern border is that it would be too burdensome for people on the ground to handle, then why visit anywhere? Why not just stay in the confines of the White House where he could be insulated and shielded from any inconvenient issue, just as he did in 2020 with his basement presidential campaign?

The answer is because, outside of his deadly Afghanistan debacle and his handling of the economy, this is one of the main issues that Biden consistently gets poor marks from the public on, and the photos that would come from such a visit – not to mention how many gaffes he would be likely to make while on tour – would bring even more embarrassment to the White House.

The “resources” excuse just doesn’t cut it. He has no problems “diverting” resources when he visits riot-ravaged and hurricane-ravaged parts of the country, so she should have no problems doing the same when visiting border-ravaged parts of the country that have been devastated by the open borders policies he called for well before he took office.

The good news here is that the White House is no longer laughably claiming as they did in 2021 that Biden’s El Paso “drive-by” on the way to a campaign stop in 2008 constitutes a “visit to the border.” The bad news is that even when Biden is in a border state he still refuses to visit the actual border, a problem he shares with Vice President Kamala “border czar” Harris.


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