What Joe Biden and the Media Don't Want You to Know About the 'Bused Migrants' Nontroversy

I’ve watched with a mixture of perplexion and amusement at the mainstream media handwringing over Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis shipping off planeloads of illegal immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott sending more to Vice President Kamala Harris’ doorstep just days after she falsely declared the southern border to be “secure.”


As evidence of the freakout, check out how CNN’s morning crew characterized the moves:

I mean who knew that Martha’s Vineyard was the new Auschwitz? But I digress.

In most of the stories that will be written about these events from our supposedly “objective” press, one thing that will undoubtedly be left out will be what led to DeSantis’ and Abbott’s respective decisions and even a year ago to respond accordingly to the Biden administration’s lax border security policies.

Let’s start with Abbott. In April, he announced his his charter bus policy to send illegal immigrants to Washington, D.C. in order “to help local officials whose communities are being overwhelmed by hordes of illegal immigrants who are being dropped off by the Biden administration.” (emphasis added by me)

A few months after that, Abbott added both New York City and Chicago to the list of destinations for the illegals the Biden administration was continuing to dump in Texas, which has led to a very public war of words from NYC’s Mayor Eric Adams and Chicago’s Mayor Lori Lightfoot directed at Abbott, who has been correct to point out that both cities are self-declared “sanctuary cities” for illegal immigrants.


And then there’s DeSantis, whose public safety czar Larry Keefe told the DC Examiner nearly a year ago that some 70 flights that contained illegal immigrants had been flown into Jacksonville over a period of several months and that the flights were landing at a time when they thought no one would be paying attention (late at night/early morning hours). Keefe also told the Examiner that no one at DHS, the DOJ, or any other related federal department would give Florida any specific info on the oversight of the flights in terms of who was dictating what, etc.

In response, DeSantis vowed as Abbott did to send them to Democrat-run parts of the country. Specifically, at the time, DeSantis mentioned busing them them to Biden’s home state of Delaware though that hasn’t happened yet.

In short, DeSantis and Abbott made the decision to bus/fly illegals out of their state in response to the Biden administration dumping them in theirs.

But as it turns out, Texas and Florida have not been the only states the Biden administration has been shipping illegals to in the dead of night. As recently as spring of this year, planes full of illegal immigrants were being flown by the Biden administration into New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania according to this April report from the New York Post:

The White House has quietly resumed its after-dark charter flights of underage migrants to a suburban airport north of New York City — after a Post expose led to their suspension last year.

The Post watched as a group of migrant teens got off an Avelo Airlines plane that arrived at the Westchester County Airport near White Plains at 9:25 p.m. Thursday. The group then boarded three waiting buses that drove off about 50 minutes later.

One bus traveled to the Walt Whitman Service Area in Cherry Hill, NJ, just across the Delaware River from Philadelphia. After the bus pulled up at around 12:45 a.m. Friday, several teens disembarked, retrieved their bags from the luggage compartment and left with adults who were waiting there to meet them.


An Immigration and Customs Enforcement source said that regardless of what happened in Westchester, “flights never stopped” to other airports around the country [like Pennsylvania].


This has also reportedly been happening in Indiana, Iowa, and Tennessee for over a year now.

And then there is this (from June 2021):

So apparently it’s ok for the Biden administration to dump illegal immigrants across the country but when Abbott and DeSantis do it, it’s suddenly “sick and dehumanizing” and like a modern-day Auschwitz?

As per the norm, Democrats and their apologists in the press are once again revealing their true colors here. They’re pro-open borders provided the only borders illegal immigrants cross are in southern states like Texas, Florida, and Arizona, where resources are stretched very thin. But once they make it into blue states, all of a sudden it’s reprehensible and dangerous (except when the Biden administration does it under the cover of darkness).

That said, only one question remains in the aftermath of the latest round of Illegal Immigrant Shuffle:

Maybe there will be a drawbridge and some alligators placed all around. Any other guesses?

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