Report: Joe Biden Prepares to Sabotage Vulnerable Dems Ahead of Election Day in Stunning Move

There are three weeks left before Election Day, and with most voters focused squarely on crime, the economy, and inflation and how they’ll make ends meet as gas and food prices continue their sharp rise, President Joe Biden is set to give a speech that has the potential to torpedo the hopes and dreams of vulnerable Democrat candidates for office across the country.


On Tuesday, Biden will give a speech to the DNC in which he’ll pledge to codify abortion rights soon after the next Congress convenes, provided he has comfortable majorities in both the House and Senate:

“He will say that if the American people elect more Democratic Senators in November and keep the House Democratic, the first bill he will send to the next Congress will be to codify Roe – and he will sign it around the 50th anniversary of the Roe decision,” a Democratic official told The Hill ahead of the speech.

The Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision was on Jan. 22, 1973 and the 50th anniversary would be just days after a new Congress is sworn in.


“President Biden will speak about the choice that voters face this November between Republicans who want to a national abortion ban that would criminalize doctors for performing care, and Democrats who want to codify Roe into law to protect women’s reproductive freedom,” the official said.

The problem with this approach, is multi-fold, as even CBS News White House reporter Ed O’Keefe observed.

“Yes — critics point out he could do this now if all Dems were on board,” O’Keefe noted in a short Twitter thread. “And yes, also notable he would make abortion rights his first legislative priority when polls show voters are most concerned with the economy and inflation.”


Why would Biden do this? No doubt to shore up his base at a time when Democrats are panicking and are signaling they know it’s going to be bad but hopefully not as bad as it was predicted to be before the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade back in June.

Except abortion was already going to be *the* primary motivator for the hardcore Democratic base. The voters Biden has to worry about losing here ahead of the midterms are independent voters and even some middle-of-the-road Democratic women voters who have repeatedly sent strong signals in recent weeks that their priorities are kitchen-table issues that impact their families, not abortion.

In other words, as the “Joe Biden/Democrats are on the comeback trail after abortion ruling” media narrative crumbles, the POTUS will go for broke in shamelessly bribing pro-abortion Democratic voters who were already in his back pocket in an effort to make sure they get out and vote.

Seems self-defeating, with Democratic nominees in some of those key hotly contested races around the country (like Senator Catherine Cortez Masto in Nevada, for example) poised to pay the political price for Biden once again opening his mouth and inserting his foot.


But Biden seems to think this will be a winning strategy or something, which is nuts but is not exactly a surprise considering how he’s been known to operate throughout his political career. The old saying about how you should never interrupt your enemies when they are in the middle of imploding definitely applies here.

In other words, keep talking, Joe. Just keep on talking.

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