Watch: Raphael Warnock Steps on a Rake When Asked Why He Should Be Given 'Another Chance'

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About a month ago, President Biden caused quite a panic among The Usual Suspects and surprised many on the right when he summarily declared the coronavirus pandemic to be “over” during a trainwreck “60 Minutes” interview.


For those who missed the moment, watch below:

Biden’s White House handlers were of course left scrambling in the aftermath in yet another effort to walk back something Joe Biden said.

In an interesting update on this story, however, Sen. Raphael Warnock (D-Ga.) inadvertently reminded Georgia voters on Monday, the first day of early voting in the state, of Biden’s declaration by stating his own opinion about whether the pandemic was over. Not only was it at odds with what Biden said, but his remarks also provided a possible window into Warnock’s thinking about where he is in the closely-watched, hotly-contested Georgia Senate race.

His comments came in response to a question from a reporter about why after two years of Democratic control where inflation has skyrocketed that voters should give him “another chance.”

Warnock awkwardly paused for a moment in trying to come up with an answer, and then fell back on a familiar excuse used by Democrats, stating that “we are still in the throes” of the pandemic:


I haven’t seen what his full answer was, but I assume it was to blame the pandemic and not Joe Biden’s disastrous policies for the rise in inflation and the problems middle-class Americans have had in trying to make ends meet as a result.

It’s a garbage answer considering how the economy was in recovery mode well before Biden was sworn in, after which he promptly put it in reverse. But it’s the type of bogus spin we’ve come to expect from Warnock, who back in April actually put out a campaign ad where he admitted to voters that he hadn’t done much in Washington, D.C. to write home about, but was asking for their vote anyway.

We wrote about the ad when it was released but it’s worth bringing up again today in the context of Warnock’s initial struggle to find what he thought was a suitable answer to the question he was asked by the reporter:

[Ad transcript] “I’m Raphael Warnock. I’m a dad, a senator, a pastor, but a magician I’m not. So in just a year in the Senate did I think I could fix Washington? Of course not. But every day I focused on what I could do for our state, creating jobs, fixing infrastructure, expanding healthcare. I approved this message because that’s not magic. That’s doing the job for Georgia.”



As I said at the time, that was just about as close as you’ll come to getting a politician who is running for reelection to admit they’ve been a failure at what they were elected to do. The response he gave to the reporter’s question about being given a second chance was just more of the same, blaming the woes brought upon this country by his party on everything but that party and the man who purportedly is leading it.

In my opinion, Warnock knows he’s in trouble – especially considering Herschel Walker’s performance at their debate, which left the GOP nominee’s critics surprised – and at this point he’s going for broke by trying to further distance himself from what Biden said while at the same time making excuses for why Biden and the Democrats who control the House and Senate have been such miserable failures.

Simply put, Warnock has been bad news for Georgians, and they need to do the right thing by showing him the door in two weeks.

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