Buyer's Remorse Sets in as Sen. Warnock Makes Stunning Admission About Prior Statement on GA Voting Law

Buyer's Remorse Sets in as Sen. Warnock Makes Stunning Admission About Prior Statement on GA Voting Law
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As we reported last week, it would appear that everyone from President Joe Biden to failed 2018 Georgia Democratic gubernatorial nominee Stacey Abrams to even some in the media are now realizing that their harsh (and false) words on Georgia’s new voting law are having disastrous consequences for the very minority communities they claim to want to help.

Sen. Raphael Warnock (D-GA), who initially declined to condemn calls for boycotts over what he, too, falsely described as a “Jim Crow” law, also did an about-face last week once Major League Baseball pulled the All-Star game and along with it the $100 million in revenue it was estimated to bring to the greater Atlanta area alone, including the small businesses that were devastated when the pandemic hit.

But in a rather stunning admission reported today by the Washington Post, Warnock’s office says that the statement the Senator originally signed on condemning the law – a statement that was put out several days after Gov. Brian Kemp signed the bill – contained proposals that did not make it into the final version:

Sen. Raphael G. Warnock, one of two new Democratic senators representing Georgia, put out an email after the law passed claiming it ended no-excuse mail voting and restricted early voting on the weekends — also early proposals that did not become law.

When pressed about Biden’s misstatement during a media briefing, White House press secretary Jen Psaki appeared to repeat his error by saying the law “makes early voting shorter.” Psaki also described other ways the law could curtail access and defended the president’s position, saying “his view is that we need to make it easier and not harder to vote.”

A Warnock campaign spokesman said the senator signed off on his statement days before the law passed, when those provisions were still under consideration.

In other words, the Senator condemned a law that he had not even read and in the process hurt the state and voters whose interests he was elected to represent in the U.S. Senate. As did Biden, Abrams, and all the rest:

If buyer’s remorse hasn’t set in among Georgia voters before this point, it undoubtedly is setting in now.

To state for the record once again, Georgia’s voting law isn’t a “Jim Crow law” in any sense of the word, but the Democrats’ decision to say what they did and MLB’s decision to move the game were both stupid on steroids. Nothing about their implied regret for their past statements will ever change that, nor do their shifts take away from the fact that them throwing the state under the bus based on lies hurt the pocketbooks of minority communities they proclaimed would be most negatively impacted by the new law.

Georgians should not forget come election-time that Democrats used their state as a pawn in a nasty political game based on lies where the only people who would end up suffering would be hourly workers and small business owners just trying to make a living.

Liberal icon Abrams, meanwhile, continues to rake in hundreds of thousands of dollars in fundraising money off the manufactured controversy. Georgia voters should think long and hard about her role in what happened as well as Biden’s and Warnock’s before their next trip to the ballot box.

The deception they pulled here is nothing short of despicable and, quite frankly, that’s putting it mildly.

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