Georgia Democrat Raphael Warnock Is Not Being Opposed Because of His Faith but Because He Is Anti-American and Has Bad Ideas

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In Georgia, the Democrats are running scared. While they seem to have successfully stolen the presidential election thanks to the fecklessness of the Republican secretary of state Brad Raffensperger, who abjectly failed at virtually any part of his job that concerned election security, the GOP seems well-positioned for the coming runoff/special election. David Perdue is about 100,000 votes ahead of Jon Ossoff. The electorate is fired up. Enough people will be watching the election that even a twit like Raffensperger can’t f*** things up. While the Democrats probably can’t beat Perdue, at least without hundreds of thousands of mail-in ballots being counted with no apparent safeguards, they do feel that they can bump off Kelly Loeffler.


Loeffler is something of an unknown. She had a bruising primary that a real political party would never have let take place and which may have damaged her standing with supporters of her opponent. And she has a telegenic, if somewhat smarmy, opponent in the Reverend Raphael Warnock. Because of this race’s visibility, Warnock is getting a good look in the bright sunlight and what is being seen is not very flattering. Nikki Haley’s Stand for America PAC has waded into this fight with a damning video of Warnock’s positions.

The video shows many reasons for sane people not to vote for Warnock, but the one that is scaring them is this.

In this, he bastardizes Jesus’s admonition during the Sermon on the Mount about being attached to worldly riches and power rather than heavenly virtues:

No man can serve two masters. For either he will hate the one, and love the other: or he will sustain the one, and despise the other. You cannot serve God and mammon.

into a prohibition to serving in the military by saying, “You cannot serve God and the military.”

Theologically and factually, this is such nonsense that one is left with exactly one explanation; that is, Warnock can add anti-military to anti-American and anti-police in his list of accomplishments.


The left realizes the danger of this, and, as my colleague, Brandon Morse, pointed out in the above link, they called on just about everyone they could think of to defend Warnock. The first wave of the counterattack was the old “you mouthbreathing Christians don’t understand the Bible as well as we atheists who picked it up for the first time today.” It was the Dunning-Krueger effect except with steroids and a crystal meth suppository. Stupid. Just stupid. But that is who these people are, and this is what they do.

Sam Stein of the Daily Beast launched the second phase of the attack. He tried some tu quoque jujitsu using Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett as a pivot:

Read the whole story for details Democrat Raphael Warnock Claims You Can’t Serve In Military and Serve God, Christians Fire Back.

First and foremost, no one is criticizing Warnock based on his religion unless “his religion” means his own personal religion that is observed by no one else. No Christian, anywhere, would proclaim a vile, anti-semitic, race-baiter like Jeremiah Wright as a “prophet,” as he does in the Haley video. The clear text and centuries of exegesis on the Sermon on the Mount fly in the face of the interpretation that Warnock inflicted upon that Bible passage. So, as a Christian, I am appalled by his statements not because he is Christian but because he uses the cloak of Christian ministry to spout the worst sort of heresy. In fact, Warnock and folks like him are called out in the Bible: “Beware of false prophets, who come to you in the clothing of sheep, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.”


Amy Coney Barrett was opposed out of anti-Christian bigotry. A broad swathe of the Democrat party, including nearly 100% of the liberal media, do not believe that any religion has any place in the public square. Not only do they oppose religion in the public square if you dare practice your faith as a Christian in an open manner, but they also do not hesitate to label you as a religious extremist. It is not illegal for them to do so, but they need to have the courage to stand up and own the bigotry.

Warnock is being opposed because he is a partisan candidate. He is being opposed for having some indefensible political positions and saying some very silly stuff that is not found in Scripture. He doesn’t get a pass on this because he is trying to hide his communist and anti-American inclinations in clerical garb. His views in regards to military service are not those of any known Christian denomination; not even pacifist sects use the “mammon” reason for that but rather the Decalogue, and, therefore, being called out for them has nothing to do with his religion and everything to do with his judgment and value system.

As my colleague Nick Arama said:




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