Joe Biden Leaving Shinzo Abe’s Funeral for Kamala Harris to Attend Proves Unwise

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As we previously reported, though it’s been somewhat of a tradition for incumbent U.S. presidents to travel to funeral services for Japanese Prime Ministers who have passed away, President Joe Biden opted out of attending the funeral for former Japanese PM Shinzo Abe this week for some reason, leaving it to Vice President Kamala Harris to make an appearance in his absence.


Abe, who was 67 at the time of his death, was murdered by an assassin on July 7th as he gave a speech in Nara, Japan.

Not surprisingly, Harris once again embarrassed the United States on a world stage, delivering this awkward word salad during a meeting with newly-minted Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese while on her stop in Tokyo:

So I look forward to our conversation today. And, in particular, it is significant — under sad circumstances, the passing of the Prime Minister Abe — former Prime Minister Abe — but it is significant that we are here together in Tokyo, in that we also share a common goal and bond as it relates to our dedication to peace and security in the Indo-Pacific and the work that we will continue to do to ensure that we are guided by what we are joined in, in terms of international rules and norms around the importance of peace, security, and prosperity for the Indo-Pacific.



Though it was just one incident, it’s become part of an embarrassing pattern for Harris, who has become infamous here in the U.S. for giving speeches from which not even the sharpest translators could work their magic.

She’s also performed similarly on international trips in the past, giving people in other countries sobering glimpses of what it looks like to have a person chosen for the second highest office in the land based primarily on physical characteristics more so than their actual ability to perform the duties of their office while under immense pressure.

This is also not the first time Biden has sent Harris on a mission where she failed to perform admirably. In March 2021, he appointed her as his point person on the “root causes” of the southern border crisis, which has only worsened under her “leadership.” There have also been Harris’ attempts at clean-ups of Biden’s messes, usually with disastrous results.

In short and as we’ve said often here, Harris is just not very good at what she does, something that a majority of Americans apparently agree with, according to all available polling data, which shows both her approval ratings and those of Biden stuck in the basement with just a few weeks left before the midterm elections, where things do not look good in terms of Democratic prospects for holding on to the House and maybe even the Senate.


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