Kamala Cackles Again Over the Border, in Yet Another Confused Mess of an Answer

AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta

Ah, Kamala Harris. She just can’t help herself. She’s just so arrogant every time she’s asked about the border. She just made another cackling, border comment that shows how clueless she is. That’s twice in one day.


We reported earlier about how she claimed to Lester Holt that “we’ve been to the border.” When he busted her, saying no, she hadn’t, when was she going to? She blew him off, saying, “Well, I haven’t been to Europe either.”

But, she wasn’t appointed to deal with Europe — and the crisis she was appointed to deal with is not in Europe, it’s at the border. But what arrogance, that she gives that kind of an answer.

She also said earlier, in the interview with Lester Holt, that she was making the trip to Guatemala and Mexico City to talk with about the “reason people are arriving at our border.” But that shows she didn’t understand the reason, because as the Guatemalan president pointed out, at least part of the reason was the policies of the Biden/Harris team that encouraged human smugglers to entice people to come illegally. All she needs to do to ‘figure out the reasons’ is change their harmful policies.


White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki then had to run cover for Harris’ arrogant response and completely lied her head off, claiming that President Donald Trump and Republicans had “created this problem.” Then, why wasn’t it the problem under Trump that it is now under Biden? Why are detentions at the border at a 21-year high now under Biden? Logic and truth are not strong suits with these folks.

But then, Kamala Harris was asked the question again today, after all the furor about the interview with Lester Holt. She still couldn’t get it right.

“I’ve been to the border before,” she claimed. “I will go again. But when I’m in Guatemala, dealing with root causes, I think we should have a conversation about what’s going on in Guatemala.”

Except you haven’t been to the border since you were assigned to take care of the issues, and you’re in Mexico, not Guatemala. Is she catching that Joe Biden incoherence and failure to know up from down?


Plus, yes, let’s have a conversation about what the Guatemalan president said. What’s your response to that, and are you going to change your policies based on what he’s telling you that one of the causes is? Or do you not take what he says seriously any more than you take visiting the border seriously? This is what incompetence looks like. And yet she’s a heartbeat — or a 25th Amendment — away.

Should we also notice that she keeps wearing her masks among the Mexican people, despite being vaccinated?

Harris keeps spinning, but she still has no real answers. She is so bad at this.


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