Fox News Reporter Rips Into Kamala Over ‘Detached From Reality’ Press Conference in Poland

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We reported earlier on the embarrassing press conference held in Warsaw, Poland, where Vice President Kamala Harris and Polish President Andrzej Duda were peppered with questions about the Ukraine/Russia conflict, and the confusion over the logistics of the fighter jets Poland offered to send Ukraine.


As we also noted, Harris did not directly address the question that was asked about the fighter jets, instead choosing to spout off talking points about how both the U.S. and Poland were “united” in an effort to help Ukraine with “military, humanitarian and security assistance,” followed up by the customary and confusing word salads that we’ve gotten used to coming from the VP when she’s in over her head.

In fact, Harris really had nothing meaningful at all to say during the presser, which clearly irked Fox News foreign correspondent Trey Yingst, a veteran of reporting from the heart of overseas war zones, and who has been reporting live from Kyiv for weeks.

Yingst started off by noting that the joint presser “came across like a bilateral check-in,” and suggested that “it was detached from the reality on the ground.”

He went on to point out what was happening as Harris and Duda were speaking.

“As the pair spoke, there were air raid sirens sounding in the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv. We heard this diplomatic and political-speak from Vice President Harris,” Yingst remarked. “The Ukrainian people don’t need that. They need anti-tank missiles. They need anti-aircraft batteries. I mean, we heard all of this talk that you hear out of Washington about cooperation and friendship and to be nimble and swift in the response and understanding and appreciating. There are people dying as we speak on the ground in Ukraine.”


Yingst then went on to elaborate on the dire situation on the ground in Ukraine, calling out Harris and the Biden White House for not talking about any “consequences” for the Russian bombing of a maternity hospital in Mariupol that reportedly killed three people.

“She didn’t talk about the consequences for that,” Yingst said in his report. “She didn’t talk about the fact that we are viewing evidence of war crimes taking place on the ground in Ukraine at the hands of an autocrat – Vladimir Putin in Russia, who is literally pushing his forces into this country, violating the sovereignty of Ukraine with no intention to stop.”

Yingst then reiterated his earlier points about what the Ukrainian people needed in terms of support from other countries before concluding by saying “They don’t need thoughts and prayers.”



Yingst’s blast off at Harris follows a story from Politico which reported that administration officials “say she’s not [in Poland] to make any deals, whether it be on humanitarian aid or the transfer of military equipment. Instead, her role is to serve as an emissary and an emblem of the administration’s commitment to the country and the trans-Atlantic alliance more broadly.”

A mission which, as it turns out, doesn’t seem to be going too well.

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