Joe Biden Fiddles as Adviser Gives Brutally Honest Assessment of WH Midterm 'Messaging Strategy'

Joe Biden Fiddles as Adviser Gives Brutally Honest Assessment of WH Midterm 'Messaging Strategy'
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The writing has been on the wall for some time now as to just how bad it is likely to be for Democrats going into the 2022 fall midterm elections.

Joe Biden’s (and Kamala Harris’) approval ratings are in the toilet, and Biden is polling poorly on his handling of key issues like the economy, inflation, and illegal immigration. Further, Biden’s support among key voting blocs is cratering, and most generic Congressional ballot polls show Republicans with a distinct advantage over Democrats.

Any one of the above issues would be concerning for a political party in a crucial election year. But the fact that they’re all happening at the same time portends disaster in a few months, and it’s got Democrat movers and shakers across the country sounding the alarm bells and looking to the White House for an effective message strategy that could perhaps turn the tide or at the very least blunt the damage that is predicted to come.

But according to a new report from the Washington Post, the White House’s messaging strategy is about as coherent and meaningful as your average Joe Biden speech. In other words, a lot of Democrats are sailing up the creek without a paddle right now because the Biden-Harris White House can’t get it together:

But it’s an effort some in the party say is long overdue, and despite Biden’s ramped-up efforts, there is no finalized, comprehensive strategy for the midterms inside the White House. There’s no overarching document that outlines the president’s involvement in key races, nor a set message that will carry the party through November, according to multiple people familiar with the situation who spoke on the condition of anonymity to talk candidly.

One Democratic adviser who is in close contact with the Biden White House gave an absolutely brutal assessment about the state of things on Pennsylvania Avenue:

“There is as much a plan to win the midterms as there was to airlift Afghans out of Kabul,” said one Democratic political adviser who remains close to the White House. “They’re putting us all in a bad place.” The adviser, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to speak candidly about the party’s prospects, was referring to the chaotic, deadly withdrawal of U.S. forces from Afghanistan last summer.

The adviser said the White House’s top-down political decision-making process is often impeded by bottlenecks, which hinder coordination with party committees, state parties, advocacy groups and donors. Information reaches stakeholders at the last minute, the adviser said, which results in resources being wasted or misdirected.

The Biden strategy to combat the messaging woes? To abandon his post and hit the campaign trail to gaslight the American people about his failures:

This… will not go well. As we previously noted, the primary reason his handlers have tried to keep him away from the press/public over the last 15 months is that they remember it was a useful tactic in 2020 in containing the damage that inevitably occurs whenever the press is given access to him and he opens his mouth and speaks extemporaneously.

But on the road Biden goes. So what will his message be? How will he explain away his immigration failures? That the inflation problem doesn’t appear likely to let up anytime soon? Rising crime rates in Democrat-run parts of the country?

The problem for Team Biden is that the data speaks for itself, and no amount of spin, dodging, weaving, sugar coating, and waxing nostalgic about Corn Pop and allegedly driving an 18-wheeler in his younger days is going to change that.

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