Ron Klain, Rick Wilson Hit New Heights of Delusion With What French Election Means for Our Elections

Ron Klain, Rick Wilson Hit New Heights of Delusion With What French Election Means for Our Elections
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Emmanuel Macron has been declared the winner in the race for President of France against Marine Le Pen.

Democrats in this country are cheering the result, calling it a victory for “democracy” in this fantasy world that anyone that isn’t a rabid liberal is an authoritarian who will destroy the world. They’re also hoping that this might be some indication that they might have a chance in November in our midterms, without considering how the two countries are different or how much Americans despise Joe Biden and far-left policies now.

Perhaps two of the most delusional reactions so far come from White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain and Never Trumper/Lincoln Project member Rick Wilson.

Trust Wilson to always have the craziest take. For Wilson, Macron winning means it’s time to mow down all the left’s political opponents.

“The alt-right/national populist still pulled 40% of the vote, so the work isn’t over,” Wilson opined. “Macron should understand that his enemies abroad — Putin, Bannon, Greenwald et al — won’t rest and won’t stop coming. They need to mow them down before a cleaner, smarter version of Le Pen comes along.”

This is what they think — that they have to mow down their opposition. That sure sounds like a threat to me. Imagine talking like that and thinking you are on the right side of anything — let alone, history. Meanwhile, typical of Wilson, to dishonestly lump those Steven Bannon and Glenn Greenwald in with Vladimir Putin. How are Bannon and Greenwald any threat to Macron? And it sure sounds like Wilson is threatening the media there. But that’s Never Trump and the left for you — any slimy trick, any lie, and any threat to try to win.

But then there was Klain’s take. He didn’t threaten anyone, but was perhaps equally delusional. Not very bright, he also admitted how badly old Joe is doing in the polls.

“President Macron appears to have secured a double-digit victory over LePen, at a time when his approval rating is 36%. Hmmm….,” Klain said.

Um, Ron? Macron isn’t a 79-year-old is constantly getting confused and two years from now, it will be even worse. The system is not the same, to start with. Plus, people might not like Macron, but they don’t think he’s demented. Joe Biden would be 82 in 2024. If you think he will be running, much less winning, that’s not living in reality.

No, Biden isn’t going to win with the approval numbers or the deteriorating brain he has now — no matter how much Klain spins. Thirty-six percent in France isn’t the same as in America. But, Ron Klain is not only acknowledging people hate Biden; he thinks it isn’t going to matter. How dismissive of the opinion of the people can you be? But that’s the Joe Biden that we’ve come to know.

You do you, Ron. Pretend that there’s nothing wrong with your boss who has difficulty with reality , and who sees imaginary people. Let’s mark this tweet as one to remember, because it’s likely not to age very well in November, but particularly not in 2024.

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