Biden Forgets Who Members of Congress Are and Seems to Point at the Air Again

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

Joe Biden was in Washington on Friday. We brought you some of his remarks for Earth Day in Seward Park in Seattle — he must have broken the record for the number of delusional and confused comments. It showed just how much he is deteriorating.


Unfortunately, he didn’t stop there. He also went on to speak at Green River College in Auburn, Washington — ironically, speaking about “lowering costs for American families,” when in fact he’s increased by hundreds of dollars every month what most Americans have to pay because of inflation. But whatever the topic, he seems to deliver a version of the same speech — probably because it’s easier for him to remember if it’s always the same.

But he got into trouble part of the way through, when he misgendered one of the Democratic members of Congress he was supposed to be praising and thanking, Derek Kilmer, whom he referred to as “Congresswoman,” who represented the “Sixth District, I guess.”

He then seemed to pick up that Kilmer was a guy (I suspect someone was pointing him out in the audience), referring to him as “he,” but then Biden decided not to refer to two other members of Congress by any titles at all, just calling them by their last names. So, you might have no idea who he’s talking about. I had to ferret out that he’s talking about members of Congress here.

“And we’re also joined today by Larsen and — and…” While Biden got the last name of Rep. Rick Larsen (D-WA), he forgot even that when it came to another member of Congress he was supposed to recognize, Rep. Adam Smith. The White House transcript refers to an audience member trying to help Biden calling out “Smith.” But Biden never says it. “I know it. You got — No, I got it…DelBene, who’s a real champion for working families.” “DelBene” is Rep. Suzan DelBene (R-WA).


I can’t imagine that the members of Congress think much of Biden, if he can’t remember their names or even their gender.

He also did that thing where he seems to get lost at the end of his remarks again. He turns to one side, with his hand out as though to point or shake someone’s hand, and then turns around, as though to talk with people but no one is there. Is he looking for Corn Pop?

Yes, he should be home, retired, and playing with his grandkids, not in this position that he can’t handle. We keep saying this is sad, but it’s more than that. How can anyone expect a coherent decision from someone who has such confusion? It’s not safe for the country, at this point.



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