Latest CBS News Poll Rains Fire on Joe Biden's Presidency

Latest CBS News Poll Rains Fire on Joe Biden's Presidency
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Coming up with headlines for these types of articles continues to get more and more difficult given the propensity of bad polling for the Biden administration. Every few days, there’s a new barrel scraper in the news. How many turns of phrase are there for “absolutely terrible?” Yet, I keep moving forward, googling synonyms in order to keep you informed.

With that said, today’s descriptor is “rains fire” because that’s pretty much what the latest CBS News poll does to Joe Biden’s presidency. The top-line approval of 42 percent may seem like it’s an improvement compared to some other recent surveys, but remember, trends are denoted within the history of a single poll. Some polls will be lower, others higher, but what do their individual trends say? In this case, 42 percent approval is a record low, down 20 points from Biden’s honeymoon high.

As you can see from the above graphics, the individual issue polling provides no good news for Biden either. With his approval sitting at 37 percent on the economy and 31 percent on inflation, there’s just no way out for the president. He’s already played the misleading “we’ve created a bazillion jobs” card to death, and if “good” jobs reports aren’t arresting his fall, there’s not another stopping point on the way down the hill.

Inflation is here to stay because of the rock and the hard place Biden has placed himself between. If interest rates are raised to ease inflation, the economy will go into a recession (which is probably necessary at this point). If interest rates aren’t raised, inflation will continue out of control. There is no positive outcome for the country over the next few years due to the absolute ineptness of the White House.

Things are no better on immigration, another top-5 issue for the American people. The administration is actually looking to cancel Title 42, which will cause the current wave of illegal immigration to grow into a tsunami. On that note, if you are a CBP agent, now might be a good time to seek other employment. The government isn’t going to stop spitting on you and putting you at grave risk anytime soon.

The administration’s counter to all this has largely been to insult the intelligence of the public, claiming these low marks are a result of bad messaging and media bias. In reality, what’s driving the discontent is personal experience.

As I’ve said many times, you can lie to people about a lot of things. You can’t lie to them about what’s in their bank account. High gas prices, exploding grocery costs, etc. are not nebulous issues. They are something people face on a daily basis. The administration has no counter to what people are going through because telling Americans to not believe their lying eyes is not an effective strategy. Things are bad right now, and much of it is self-inflicted, driven by an administration that is so beholden to a small, fringe minority that it is content to let everyone else suffer.

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