Update on ‘Whipgate’ Border Patrol Case Makes Joe Biden’s Knee-Jerk Reaction so Much Worse

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We reported extensively in September on the “Whipgate” controversy stirred up by Democrats and the mainstream media, both of which alleged that Customs and Border Protection officers who were mounted on horseback could be seen “whipping” Haitian migrants trying to cross the southern border.


The story quickly collapsed almost as soon as it broke, thanks in large part to the very photographer who took the “controversial” pictures, who said in an interview that the images were “miscontrued.”

After the photographer made his remarks, some media outlets issued updates to their initial stories, including the NY Times, which noted they had “not seen conclusive evidence that migrants were struck with the reins.” Axios also posted a correction of sorts regarding one of their initial articles.

But though the media began retreating on the most controversial aspect of the “whipping” story, the Biden administration never backtracked, holding firm to their position that the agents had acted inappropriately. President Biden infamously corrupted a potential investigation by saying the agents who had allegedly “strapped” the migrants “will pay,” while White House press secretary Jen Psaki disturbingly insinuated that the facts didn’t matter.

“There’s an investigation. That’s ongoing. We’ll let that play out. But our reaction to the photos has not changed,” Psaki said at the time.

As to that DHS “investigation,” CBS News immigration reporter Camilo Montoya-Galvez provided an update this morning. Montoya-Galvez reported that the DHS Inspector General has declined to take up the investigation, this after DHS Sec. Mayorkas had promised back in Sept. that the investigation would be wrapped up within “a matter of days”:


In my opinion, this investigation into the alleged “incidents” could indeed have been finished within days and should have been, because there simply was and is no “there” there to this story. From most accounts, including the photographer’s (which, IMO, is the most important), the CBP agents did not act out of bounds and certainly did not “whip” any of the migrants. But because the White House, including Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris responded the way they did, this investigation – no matter who is conducting it – has dragged out, likely because they want to lend credence to Biden’s and Harris’ “concerns” about what (did not) happen. Either that or they’re hoping it will drag out long enough that people will forget about it.


Whatever the case may be, the fact that the DHS IG referred it back to the CBP is, in my view, a strong indication that the IG also believes there is no “there” there. Presumably, we’ll find out more in the coming weeks and months as the CBP continues to look into it. But even if they end up confirming there was no wrongdoing, don’t look for any mea culpas from this White House.

Because like with everything else, false “woke” narratives are more important than the actual facts, no matter how many reputations of good men have to be sacrificed in the process to make the current occupant of the Oval Office appear as though he’s In Charge and is Doing Something other than flailing his way through another badly scripted speech.

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