Joe Biden Gives Sociopathic Response to False CBP 'Whip' Controversy

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

Blame it on dementia or perhaps this is what Joe Biden has always been like, but his response today to the false CBP “whip” controversy may be his most outrageous bit of commentary yet. Yes, there have been things he’s said and done that are more consequential, but did they rate at this level of shamelessness? I’m not so sure.


When asked about the CBP agents who did not whip anyone and were simply riding their horses as their job demands, the president responded by saying they will “pay” for what they did, which again, is nothing but doing their jobs.

This is incredibly sick stuff. It’s one thing to be a partisan. It’s even one thing to tell lies as a politician about policies or one’s personal behavior. But it’s another thing to lie this brazenly about federal law enforcement officials who did absolutely nothing wrong. Worse, the White House is obviously doing this because they think it helps them politically, and to be sure, it has. The media are completely ignoring the thousands of Haitian illegal immigrants living in squalor under a bridge, in order to obsess over “whips” that were actually reins that weren’t used like whips.

We are witnessing powerful government forces, including Joe Biden, attempt to unjustifiably destroy the lives of innocent people in order to garner a good news cycle or two. And they are doing so without showing an ounce of guilt or care for the people they are hurting. If that’s not sociopathic, then what is?


That’s why I say this is Biden’s worst bit of commentary yet. This goes beyond political disagreement. Instead, it exposes a hole in this man’s soul that would allow him to lie about a topic that threatens to ruin the lives of innocent people for political gain. Remember, Biden is also ranting about saving the “soul” of the nation. He might want to spend some time on his own, though.

Heck, what Biden says here is so obviously, maliciously false that the person who took the picture in question even says no whips were being used, nor were any reins being used like whips. Yet, the President of the United States continues to lie about it anyway.

For all the consternation over Trump’s moral failings, Biden is a deeply immoral man. His history shows us that, but his actions and words as president have only provided more evidence to that effect. The sooner this guy is gone, the better off the nation will be.


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