Ron DeSantis Gets the Last Laugh on Terry McAuliffe

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It’s been a rough past couple of months for Terry McAuliffe.

The former 2021 Virginia Democratic gubernatorial nominee shot himself in the foot during a late September debate when he admitted on live TV that β€œI don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach.” He then doubled down on the comments in subsequent media interviews, further torpedoing an already troubled campaign and his chances for winnng after previously being thought to be a shoo-in for election to a second non-consecutive term.


So what’s a guy who so spectacularly self-destructed to the point that he likely also cost his fellow Democrats the Lt. Gov.’s office, which was won by Winsome Sears, the Attorney General’s office, which was won by Jason Miyares, and the House of Delegates?

Obviously, he doesn’t just need to get out of town, but out of the state and away from all the noise – and straight to another state with a warmer climate, many more tourist attractions including miles and miles of beautiful beaches, and lush orange groves dotting the landscape up and down the state, with some visible from the highways as you’re driving through.

I’m talking Florida, of course. Yep, the state McAuliffe mercilessly bashed during his campaign along with its popular Gov. Ron DeSantis is exactly where McAuliffe landed a little a week after his embarrassing election loss.

How do we know this? He told us so, right on his Twitter feed:


Where is the golf course located? In Hobe Sound, Florida, which is on the east coast of Florida and about five and a half to six hours south of the state capital of Tallahassee, which is where DeSantis and the state legislature conduct business (obviously).

Now, not one person who is fully aware of how often McAuliffe dunked on Florida and DeSantis during his failed campaign for governor should begrudge his visit to the lovely Sunshine state any more than they should begrudge the visit CNN anchor Don Lemon, another DeSantis/Florida basher, made to the state a week or so ago.

But one thing McAuliffe’s and Lemon’s critics should point out is how it’s rather interesting that they can’t seem to keep themselves away from the state they declared in so many words was a COVID-19 mecca simply because DeSantis refused to go Full Metal Dictator and lock everything down, refusing to participate in (and effectively banning) statewide coronavirus vaccine and mask mandates.

The latter of which is something both McAuliffe and Lemon were seen taking full advantage of while in Florida, walking around maskless while in close proximity to others, which we’ve been told by both McAuliffe, Lemon, and other DeSantis critics equates to one being an attempted murderer.


Despite their protestations to the contrary, not even DeSantis’ staunchest detractors can stop themselves from partaking in the many opportunities offered in the state to relax and unwind, which just goes to further demonstrate that when it comes right down to it, Gov. Ron DeSantis just keeps. on. winning.

Terry McAuliffe? Not so much.

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