Tucker Carlson Just Buries Eric Swalwell for Falling for 'Tiki Torch’ Hoax as More Questions Are Raised

Photo via Gage Skidmore

We reported yesterday on the disgusting and obviously staged stunt involving several individuals who showed up at a Friday event in Charlottesville for Virginia Republican gubernatorial nominee Glenn Youngkin carrying tiki torches and dressed as “Trump supporters,” planting themselves in front of Youngkin’s campaign bus as a local NBC News reporter conveniently happened to be standing nearby to take a photo and tweet it.


For those who missed the photo, here it is:

It was clearly staged that way in order to invoke memories of the tiki torches being carried by white nationalists the night before the infamous 2017 “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville.

Speculation went wild as to who might have been behind it. Was it Democrat nominee Terry McAuliffe’s floundering campaign, members from the Official Virginia Dem party office – or both? Both the McAuliffe campaign and the official Dem party of Virginia denied involvement, and not long after that the sexual-predator-defending slimeballs at the Lincoln Project issued a statement unapologetically owning up to what they did, and promising more to come until Youngkin denounced something that former President Trump did NOT say about the 2017 tiki torch carriers (that they were “very fine people”).

But before the LP took to the Twitter machine to admit they were behind the stunt, Rep. Eric “Chinese honey pot” Swalwell also weighed in on the tiki torch incident, falling for the hoax in a way idiotically gullible sellouts like him often do.


In response, and because dunking on Swalwell never, ever gets old, Fox News host Tucker Carlson – with who Swalwell has a running feud – just buried Swalwell last night on his program for falling for it, noting that none of us should be surprised that someone as “legitimately stupid” would have taken the bait. Just hilarious stuff here:

But did he “fall for it” – or did he know about it in advance?

Questions are being raised (by me) this morning as to what Swalwell might have known about the planning of the tiki torch stunt. Stay with me here as try to flesh this out a bit.

If you’ll recall, Swalwell also helped amplify the predictable “Southern Strategy” ad the LP released Thursday night, an ad that tried to scare black voters by falsely tying Youngkin to the racist “Southern Strategy” days from decades ago.

In addition to that, early Friday afternoon – two hours after he commented on the tiki torch photo that the NBC News reporter had tweeted out, Swalwell also urged his followers to follow radical Dem activist Lauren Windsor, who Swalwell claims has the goods on Republicans in regards to the Capitol riot. Why is that relevant? Because late Friday afternoon, Windsor admitted to her role in the Lincoln Project tiki torch stunt:


Hmm, all of this seems a bit too convenient, doesn’t it?

So, in my opinion, some questions should be asked of the California Congressman who is otherwise known as “Eric Fartwell” for reasons only this video can fully explain.

Did he know about the Lincoln Project stunt in advance? If so, just when did he learn about it? Was he also involved in the planning of it? Enquiring minds want to know.

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