Democrats Prepare to Shank Anti-Trumper Adam Kinzinger in the Back

Democrats Prepare to Shank Anti-Trumper Adam Kinzinger in the Back
Ting Shen/Pool via AP

If Adam Kinzinger, MSNBC Republican and rabid anti-Trumper, thought his conciliatory attitude toward the left the last several years was going to save him, he’s about to learn a tough lesson. Democrats are preparing to shank him in the back with a new redistricting map in Illinois that relieves him of his Congressional seat.

It’s a possibility that Kinzinger has previously dismissed but is now becoming a reality. The coming map will leave only three Republican seats, shifting the state from 13D-5R to 14D-3R (Illinois lost a seat due to population decrease).

Before I get to Kinzinger, you have to give credit to Democrats in general for playing for keeps. They simply do not care that they are hypocrites when it comes to gerrymandering complaints. If power is on the line, they will use every tool available to garner it. Red states currently in the redistricting process would be foolish to not follow suit. Republicans in North Carolina, for example, should go nuts and eliminate as many Democrat seats as possible. There is no honor in losing gracefully by not engaging, especially to a party that is so damaging to the nation.

Further, the Democrats in Illinois simply did not care that Kinzinger has taken their side for most of the last several years, not just on Donald Trump, but on myriad issues. When it came to eliminating Republican seats, they went the most expeditious route, not even attempting to include Kinzinger as one of the Republicans left intact.

Ironically, given the trouble Liz Cheney is in back in her state of Wyoming, we could see both of Nancy Pelosi’s favorite Republicans out of Congress a little over a year from now. I hope that stint on the January 6th committee was worth it because it will be the last noteworthy thing they do.

There’s a lesson in here somewhere, though, I expect Kinzinger will not learn it. You can virtue signal to the left all you want, but the moment you are no longer useful to them, they will throw you away like yesterday’s garbage. Perhaps Kinzinger will end up with that cable news gig he so desperately wants? Because he’s going to need it.

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