The WaPo Should Be Ashamed Over What They Left out of ‘Report’ on Alleged Loudoun County Sexual Assaults

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We’ve reported extensively on the unfolding story first uncovered by The Daily Wire’s Luke Rosiak involving a possible cover-up by the Loudoun County Public School system of two alleged sexual assaults against female students, the first of which allegedly happened in May at one school and the other allegedly happening just last week at another school after the accused – reportedly a boy who wore a skirt – was said to have been “quietly transferred” from the school where the first alleged assault was alleged to have taken place.


The father at the center of it all is a man named Scott Smith, who the media tried to shame as some nutcase parent who was so supposedly so incensed by the idea of Critical Race Theory being implemented in Loudoun County schools that he got into a scuffle with police during a highly contentious June school board meeting and was arrested along with several others. The National School Boards Association even made him the face of “domestic terrorist” parents as part of their letter urging the feds to get involved in “investigating” alleged “threats” and “acts of malice” towards school board members.

The real reason behind Smith’s visit to that now-infamous school board meeting, as Rosiak explained, was to confront them with what he says happened to his teenage daughter at the hands of a male student who Smith says wore a skirt during the alleged brutal attack at Stone Bridge High School, which he felt was important to speak up about for obvious reasons but also in an effort to oppose the school system’s proposed “transgender rights policy,” which in the views of critics increases the likelihood of the very type of sexual assaults Smith alleges took place happening.

But shortly before his June arrest, the superintendent of the school system (Scott Ziegler) denied that a “predator transgender student” attended Smith’s daughter’s school and proclaimed that no record of any sexual assaults happening in school restrooms existed.


The issue is now blowing up again thanks to Rosiak’s reporting, and as outraged parents are demanding heads roll, the school system tries and fails to save face, and as Smith continues to speak out, we now have our first report from a national media outlet on the story, courtesy of the Washington Post.

To put it mildly, the paper should be absolutely ashamed over how they framed the story, because they left out the most important details, namely the fact that Smith alleges it was a boy wearing a skirt in both instances, someone who presumably was trying to take advantage of the school system’s woke approach to transgenderism, and the fact that it appears a cover-up took place by people who are charged with keeping students safe.

Seriously. Read the entire piece, and you’ll see that (as of this writing) there is not one single mention of the allegation that the accused boy wore a skirt, nor is the word “transgender” mentioned at all.

Why would they leave this vital information out of this story? Simply put, because the Washington Post and other national news outlets have bought into the dangerously ignorant dogma about how the promotion of “transgender rights” will hurt no one, even though we’ve long known that not to be true based on instances where men who were either dressed as women or who claimed to be women have sexually harassed and assaulted women at women’s shelters, in women’s dressing rooms, and the like.

When confronted with this cold reality after years of trying to convince people otherwise, instead of even a tacit acknowledgment of the fears of parents like Scott Smith and others in Loudoun County and across the country for that matter, the Washington Post instead buried the skirt-wearing allegation because it didn’t fit their narrative.


This from the paper that literally operates under the banner of how “democracy dies in darkness.” Unfortunately for mothers and fathers who are concerned about what could happen to their female loved ones in the Loudoun County school system, inconvenient facts die in darkness, too, not just at the paper but in the school system as well, and in fact may be responsible for the alleged sexual assault of another female student.

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