WATCH: Loudoun Father Who Says Daughter Was Sexually Assaulted Blasts Garland Effort Against Parents, ‘Scary'

One of the things that’s most incredible about the Loudoun County School Board story is that there appears to have been a horrible cover-up that occurred and a very bad reaction by going after the father of a student who was allegedly sexually assaulted by a skirt-wearing boy in a bathroom. The father was arrested at a school board meeting after trying to speak out about what he says happened to his daughter after the superintendent denied there had been any assault. The police have confirmed there was a reported sexual assault. The father is still being prosecuted. The skirt-wearing boy was moved to another school and allegedly assaulted another girl according to reports.


But on top of all that, to make it even worse, the National School Boards Association (NSBA) cited the incident in a letter to Joe Biden as one of the reasons they wanted the FBI to come in and investigate parents who could be responsible for “domestic terrorism.”

Imagine if you’re the dad who went through all this. That dad, Scott Smith, spoke with Laura Ingraham last night and blasted not only what happened in his situation but the use being made of it to attack parents.

Smith related what had happened at the June 22 meeting, saying that he attended the meeting because he was concerned about the alleged assault on his daughter and what was happening at the school. As we noted, at the meeting, the school superintendent denied there had been any sexual assaults. The father was then confronted during the meeting by a leftist activist who started telling him that what he said had happened to his daughter didn’t, in fact, happen. He said he was gripped from behind and didn’t realize initially it was a police officer when he pulled his arm back. That’s when a scuffle started and he was arrested.


The father explained what happened and why he was speaking out now, that there wasn’t any formal “no trespassing” order as has been reported but that he was told to keep quiet in the interests of his daughter getting justice. Then he found out about the second alleged incident, allegedly with the same student.

From Fox News:

“We were under the impression from the prosecutor that this sexual predator was being held on in-house arrest with an ankle monitor and would not return to school until these court sessions were done. You are innocent until you are proven guilty – I understand that. But we have to protect everyone at the same time,” Smith said.

However, in the interim, Smith had been informally advised to remain quiet about the allegations in hopes of a positive outcome or prosecution.

“I was told by everyone, my attorneys, the prosecuting attorney, friends of the family, people I don’t even know, that if I wanted justice for my daughter, I needed to keep my mouth quiet and not speak out because in order to get justice for my daughter, which is the most important thing to me, of course, was to not come out and let justice prevail,” he said.

“It was my decision not to speak out. Nobody muzzled me, but I was told if I wanted justice for my daughter and wanted this case to have a finality and a possible conviction, that I had to stay quiet.”


He described the hell his daughter went through after what he says happened but said fortunately, she was doing better.

Smith said he wasn’t going to stay quiet any longer.

Smith called the letter targeting parents by Biden Attorney General Merrick Garland “scary.” “That’s really scary that our government will weaponize themselves against parents and using my video across the nation to spread fear. That’s wrong. I am not a bully. I am not a racist. I love everyone. I love this country. I want better stuff for it.”

Many parents came out last night to the Loudoun School Board meeting to speak out against the alleged cover-up and to call for the resignation of the superintendent. Even during that meeting, the school board may have violated the open public meetings requirement by not allowing an open meeting and only letting in one parent at a time to speak.

They weaponized what happened to this poor parent to use against other parents and it’s just completely shameful.



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