Loudoun County Gives Disgusting Response to Alleged Cover-up of Rape Involving Transgender Policies

(Thad Allton/The Topeka Capital-Journal via AP)

On Monday evening, a massive story broke via The Daily Wire exposing the details behind the arrest of a man named Scott Smith. That followed a scuffle at a school board meeting in Loudoun County, which has been ground zero for parental protests over transgender bathroom policies and Critical Race Theory. For months, Smith has been maligned as a “domestic terrorist,” including being used as justification for federal interference using the Patriot Act to shut down parents who object.


That entire narrative has been destroyed, though, as new details show exactly why he was at the school board meeting and what transpired before his arrest. As RedState reported, Smith’s daughter was allegedly raped in a bathroom by a “boy in a skirt” that was apparently abusing the transgender policies at the school.

Yet, instead of taking the case seriously, the school first wanted to handle the issue “in-house.” Eventually, the Sheriff’s Department was called in, not on the boy who committed the rape, but on Smith for causing a scene after he found out what had happened. The father was able to get a rape kit administered that evening which came back positive. Yet, instead of protecting others, the student in question was allowed to return to class, where he allegedly sexually assaulted another girl.

Now, the Loudoun County School District has responded, and it’s a gross show of obfuscation and blame-shifting.

There’s a lot here, and all of it is infuriating, from the content to the tone of the statement.


One, the idea that Title IX prevents a school from suspending a student that is under an active criminal investigation for rape in a school bathroom is nonsense. That should have been the first move, given the possible danger to other students. Instead, it appears nothing at all was done to separate the alleged rapist from the student body. LCPS certainly doesn’t seem to be indicating otherwise, and if they did take “interim” measures, they should spell those out.

Further, their claim of calling the police in a timely matter to report the rape is disputed by the fact that the Sherriff’s Department was only called later, in order to remove Smith for lashing out at the school’s lack of care. And while the statement says that the school board was not aware of the “details” of the incident, that kind of weasel language points to the idea that they were still aware that an assault took place. Yet, they lied to the public anyway about there have been no issues regarding the new transgender policies. LCPS is clearly obfuscating, not telling the whole story, and attempting to cover their own tails

At the end of the statement, it simply notes that Smith was not signed up to speak the night of his arrest. I don’t know whether that’s true or not, but regardless, that shouldn’t have been necessary, given the seriousness of his situation, and the school board declared an unlawful assembly anyway, preventing parents from speaking.


Lastly, notice nowhere in their written response does LCPS actually directly acknowledge the rapes took place, nor do they offer their sympathies to Smith or the other parents involved. That simply serves as the cherry on top of what is a disgusting display.


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